Monday, July 23, 2018


No, it's not time to chose who to vote FOR any more these days. It's 2018 and there are seemingly only candidates to vote against... and a handful that we will vote for by default.

So here's my ill-considered and uninformed list of what my- and I do hope your- ballot will look like in the upcoming primary/special election, ending August 11. Ballots are either in your mailbox now or, if you haven't signed up for permanent mail-in ballots (please do- it's really convenient), early voting will be available soon and you can now register and vote on "primary" election day, August 11.--------
We'll start at home in our "non-partisan" Mayoral and County Council races.

The race for KAUAI MAYOR has four candidates with a realistic shot and three are disgusting. Only JOANN YUKIMURA is worth voting for if we ever want to get a grip on our current, horrendous over-development. While she is not the same JoAnn she was back in the '80's and '90's, when compared to the rest, she shines. I would gladly vote FOR her even if the others were not so nauseating.

The other three are former KPD Sgt. Mel Rapozo of "The Lap Dancer at the Station House" fame and Derek "Mr Big Save" Kawakami, replete with silver spoon still lodged in his mouth and Lenny Rapozo who spent the Carvalho administration as Parks and Recreation head, which, if you've seen our parks, speaks for itself.

With 24 COUNTY COUNCIL candidates you'd think there would be more than three you might want to vote for... but of course you'd think wrong if you did. You get seven votes- DO NOT use them all. USE ONLY THREE

1) Vote for MASON CHOCK, who, as an incumbent has been the only fresh air blowing through the council chambers for the last two years now.
2) While it's hard to really pin down FELICIA COWDEN on very much she can be probably be trusted to make the right decisions. But if you make it, we'll be watching Felicia.
3) The third is ADAM ROVERSI who is a former farmer from Kilauea who went back to school and studied environmental law. He now works in the county attorney’s office. I've never met him but people I know and trust tell me we can't go wrong in voting for him. Google him and checkout his website.

Watch out though- there are some real pigs running. Among them are disgraced former prosecuting attorney Shaylene Iseri, Ross "Idiot Boy" Kagawa who causes actual pain in those who attempt to watch him think and corrupt former councilmember Kipukai Kualii.

All three voted to continue to allow the chemical companies to poison people, voting against "the bill" back in the day- among other horrific actions/inactions. Same goes for Grove Farm Vice President, former councilmember Arryl Kaneshiro. Chemical company Vice President, council incumbent Arthur Brun fills out the "basket of deplorables".

Which brings us to Luke Evslin.

I've known Luke since he was a little boy. He is bright, articulate and inquisitive but has one blind spot- he fully supports the chemical companies' experimental genetic modification operations on the West side. I can't bring myself to support someone who makes that kind of political decision over the health of his potential constituents. It indicates the types of votes he would cast in the future. Sorry Luke- no support from this direction.

The rest aren't worth a second look. Don't forget- you don't need to vote for seven and if you're voting for a person based on some kind of "feeling," a family tie or some other tenuous connection you could defeat the candidate(s) you really do want to see with your vote. "Plunking," as it's called, is a long-time tradition on Kaua`i where we can vote for all seven "at-large" candidates but usually don't. It's not hard to see why.

If anyone wants to research those I've mentioned above- or at least those with a record- I've written about many extensively in my "Got Windmills- the Daily Tilt" blog at where you can enter their names in the search box at the top of the page and you will get all the articles I've written about them. The same goes for those below.

Next, to the state legislature

These could be the two biggest races on Kaua`i ballots. On the West side DEE MORIKAWA stuck her neck out to pass the pesticide bill in the legislature- it wouldn't have happened without her. Stephanie Iona is a lobbyist for the chemical companies, sent to defeat Dee. I'm sure you know how important this race is. I wish I could vote for Dee.


Jimmy (James) Tokioka is THE wost excuse for a human being- much less a legislator- that I've ever seen. He is corrupt to the core. Yet he gets reelected every two years. I wish I lived in the district. I don't know Elaine Daligdig but she's GOT to be better than Jimmy. PLEASE vote for ELAINE DALIGDIG.


First let me say I don't live in District 1. No one on Kaua`i does. But it's rare to find such a long list of candidates to "vote against."

But one stands out as one of the worst turds Hawai`i has ever sent to DC, Ed Case. He managed to slip into a seat in a plurality election where the two popular candidates split the vote and he slipped into an the "interim" seat when the Sainted Patsy Mink passed away just before an election. Get a history book- it hurts too much to have to remember that fiasco.

One problem is that Kaniela Ing is a great candidate, according to those on Maui that know him. But he also got into some trouble over "misreporting" campaign contributions and was severely fined for it. If I lived there I'd vote for him. Bu he might not have a shot to stop Case because he's really outspoken- in a good way.

Doug Chin needs to beat Case because the rest of the field is just that disgusting. Making it easier is that Chin hates Trump and, when he was our attorney general, he led the national effort to block the infamous "Muslim Ban" in court.

I'm glad I don't have to vote in this one.

I do have to vote in this one. And I feel kind of queasy over having to vote for Tulsi Gabbard and so will be voting for Sherry Alu Campagna who, some say, has really good progressive credentials (Her web site is kind of wishy-washy). Gabbard will win no matter what I do.

Gabbard kind of gets all "Stepford Wives" when you ask her about her childhood- and apparently current- guru Cris Butler and while I don't care what religion/cult someone might be/join unless it gets in the way of governing, there's something about Tulsi's reaction to being asked about it that's really really creepy (and I don't often use two "reallys." Really.
But she's also an early Bernie supporter and says and does some great stuff in congress and that's probably what counts.


Oh Goodie, goodie. We get to vote FOR someone.

KIM COCO IWAMOTO is a "true progressive" (I'd say democratic socialist but my Democratic Party friends would have a conniption fit) and, although I've never met her she appears to be the real deal. It's too bad Josh Green is running for Lt. Governor also.

If you play all those tic-tac-toe political games you're probably, to mix a metaphor, still twiddling your thumbs. But if you like voting with integrity like I do and you'll be voting for "Kim Coco."


We'd run out of arm before we run out of candidates on the list for governor. But since everyone I know will be "pulling" a Democratic ballot we are told that "if you want your vote to count" you'd better choose between former Chief Cook and Bottle Washer (along with every other political position imaginable) Colleen Hanabusa and David "Wow, how the heck did I get here" Ige (D).

The problem is choosing which one nauseates us more- or less as the case may be. Many had already tentatively made up our minds not to vote for Ige, based on four years of getting our faces slapped by him- especially through his Dept of Ag lackey Scott Enright who has allowed multi-national chemical companies to engage in school, home and road-side poisonings under the "jobs, jobs, jobs" banner for those who survive the daily toxic deluge.

But just as we were about to accept anybody- repeat ANYBODY- to get rid of him and Enright we looked up and saw- ARRGGGH, the ghost of elections past- the Hanabusa machine.

Who makes us sicker, who makes us sicker... all summer was gonna be spent measuring who made us sicker.

But a last minute a "here's your damn bill-choke on it" effort on the part of Ige and his Legislative 76 Stooges gave us a watered down but acceptable law, banning one of the worst of the restricted use chemicals, stopping poison spraying within 7 millimeters of a school, oh let's say 150 years from now (something like that) and, the one substantive measures, a complete list of "What the Heck Are They Spraying?" which was how this who thing got started in the first place.

So, although I've promised myself I'm too old to vote for this worst evil crap and I should be choosing a Green Party ballot to vote for candidate Jim Brewer since there's a Green on the ballot. But he'll be there in November. So you have my permission to make sure we don't have to look at Colleen on the news every night but rather listen to the nasal stylings of Ige and the Indecisive-tones.

Vote Early- And Often.

Sunday, July 1, 2018


There're no "sides." There is a continuum of critical thinking skills and many who either don't want to learn how to use them or even do the work to obtain them. Many of those who were never taught those skills certainly weren't taught media literacy either. 

People have a hard time knowing when they are being lied to, because they lack a background in using the scientific method to test the statements they hear beyond applying some nebulous "belief" in the statement or the person or organization making it. But belief has nothing to do with actual information. They are from different worlds.

The vast majority of what we hear can be tested using rational thought and critical thinking and discarded immediately. A "packet" of real information is precious.

It's okay to "not know"- it's not okay to claim to know when you don't.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


This morning I get up to brush my teeth, come back, and find "Rosanne" has gone from being the cat's-meow to a cat-turd.
Yes, I'm shocked- SHOCKED- to once again find racism, race-bias and race-privilege in America... and from such an icon of propriety no less.

And I'm shocked, shocked, SHOCKED to find it happening in Hollywood of all places!

And finally, I'm shocked, shocked, shocked SHOCKED to find a celebrity has spoken aloud one such lizard-brained mentation as scurries across everyone's brain from time to time. 

But I'm NOT shocked, shocked, shocked, shocked, SHOCKED that there are people who deny having such cognitive content, whether predominantly, preeminently or simply fleeting. Otherwise we wouldn't be ugly, phony-ass Americans.

Got denial?

Saturday, October 28, 2017


After the October 1954 New York Giants World Series victory ,drilling on the proper playground fan etiquette for the winners began in earnest- especially for we two-year-olds. The assumption was that this of course would be a yearly occurrence.

Schooling came from my best friend Barry Dubin's much older four-year-old brother who sat on the side of the bed deeply crowing "Fahk da dahgahs." in his four-year-old basso-profundo which rattled the walls and scared the neighbors as I remember it.

Barry and I, while Jew and a Gentile, seated on the floor at his feet, were united in squeaking out our response- "Fahk da dahgahs"

Each of Barry's brother's "Fahk da dahgahs" brought a "Fahk da dahgahs" from the peanut gallery.
"Fahk da dahgahs." begat "Fahk da dahgahs." begat "Fahk da dahgahs." beget "Fahk da dahgahs."... back and forth, call and response until we were fully indoctrinated life-long Giants fans.

Raspy throats took occasioanl breaks for some girl scout cookies and milk and, all right in the Giants' world, we proudly carried on the black and orange on high, high, high, high...

Over and over, all night, the cadence shook the plastered walls of the lower east side of Manhattan apartment, our colors matching those of our borough. The Trolley Dahgahs meanwhile were denizens of some other crazy hell hole called, among all things, Brooklyn, where they'd sell your liver for the price of an egg cream, where they played Ring-A-Leav-i-o instead of Johnny-On-The-Pony... oh the incivility of it all. I knew this because Donny Jackson, who would go on to Columbia University Quarterback Ignominy had visited his grandma in Brooklyn for three weeks that very summer and saw it all.

Who's a thunk it but the my Giants didn't win the World Series again until 2010, years after they had moved away to San Francisco. And the Dahgahs, now in LA, haven't won since 1988.

So once more for old time sake: Fahk Da Dahgahs Fahk Da Dahgahs Fahk Da Dahgahs Fahk Da Dahgahs... eternally....

Friday, October 27, 2017

Keeping Up With The Kealohas

Yes it's local TV's Latest Hit Show HNN's "Keeping Up With The Kealohas." Last night's special featured a blast of foul smelling stinkerino from the past in the name of Jake Delaplane. For newbies or those with short memories he was disgraced former Kaua`i Prosecutor Shaylene Iseri's second-alcoholic-and-respondent-in-command who is now apparently, they say, representing a couple of the "co-conspirators" in HPD's spin-off "Pimp My Mail Box."
Does sleaze know no bottom rung? We'll see.
But do read up on Jake's involvement in the Kaua`i "Rice-Cooker-Gate" in a few investigative pieces I penned in 2012 and thereabouts... and look for Judge Watenabe's from-the-bench chiding of self same Delaplane.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Last November after the 2016 election many questioned those of us who drew the obvious parallels between the rise of Trumpism in America to that of Naziism in Hitler's Germany in 1933.

After hearing Trump double-down on white supremacy today as the guiding policy lynchpin he established Saturday, it's time to abandon this aversion to Godwin's law and dare to routinely refer to Hitler and Nazi Germany in rhetorical argument when it's appropriate.

It seems to be some kind of "exception that proves the rule" allowing for one bizarre corner of dialectic where ignorance of history doesn't doom one to repeat it.

Act as if Hitler and the Nazis never happened and they'll never happen again? No- it's time to treat events like they actually happened and stop whistling in the genocidal graveyard.

Let's remember that it was less than 100 years ago that privileged European white supremacists elected and politically nurtured a man and government that used xenophobia and general fear and hate-mongering to perpetrate the mass murder of millions while the rest stood back and remained silent because they benefited from that privilege.

It's time to reopen the dialogue and examine the relationship between our current political milieu and what happened less than 85 years ago.

Hint: As much as we'd like to think it's a whole new world, nothing has changed. The maxim about turning our heads in horror and simply going about our business causing us to be doomed to repeat that horror applies in all cases, not just the ones we choose to acknowledge.

Monday, January 2, 2017


"Since minimum wage is so low I think I'll hire more people than I absolutely need to run my business," said NO BUSINESS OWNER EVER.

Yet the predicable crocodile tears shed by employers large and small over the $15/hr minimum wage State Senator Josh Green will introduce during the upcoming Hawai`i legislative session are already flooding over the rail at the Capitol.

The truth is that all business owners hire not one more nor one less worker than they need, because, as you can hear even the most curmudgeonly sarcastic among them routinely remind their workers, "I ain't runnin' no charity here, ya know."

So where is this magical world they seem to be living in, where a hike to the minimum wage – or even a living remuneration – will cause them to lay off some of their staff? Probably shouting from the same post-truth delusional universe where they alone are the "job creators" who "pay way too much in taxes" because "I built this business without any government help," while standing on a public sidewalk beside a public highway, all of which were built with taxpayers’ money and are patrolled by municipal police and fire departments.
And I guess they must use some kind of barter system or maybe Bit-coin so as not to have to depend on the government to print the money they grub.

The worst ones even have the temerity to complain about "the bums" who sit on the pavement outside their establishments – you know, the ones we, at best, call "homeless" so we don't have to acknowledge that they work full time but, at the current minimum wage level, can't afford both rent and food.

As you might have guessed by now, I don't have much respect for western capitalism, although there's nothing wrong with "cottage industry." The problem comes not when you make and sell those cute little $20 hand-made hats that are oh-so popular and take you an hour to make. Rather, it's when you can't keep up with the demand for them, so you hire staff at $10 an hour to make more hats than you and your family can make, and keep the other $10 a piece so you can live in your penthouse and send your kids to private school while your employees live not just down the street but on the street, and their kids have to drop out of school so maybe all of them together can afford to rent a one-room tenement apartment – that's when we've got a problem.

Sen. Green's bill would make a $15-an-hour minimum the law by 2018 and $22 over time. And, no matter what kind of faulty reasoning – or faulty economic system – the Chamber of Commerce wants to sell you, once you have a taste of it, it's not hard to recognize that it's just another turd sandwich they want you to chew on.

Just don't swallow.