Sunday, July 1, 2018


There're no "sides." There is a continuum of critical thinking skills and many who either don't want to learn how to use them or even do the work to obtain them. Many of those who were never taught those skills certainly weren't taught media literacy either. 

People have a hard time knowing when they are being lied to, because they lack a background in using the scientific method to test the statements they hear beyond applying some nebulous "belief" in the statement or the person or organization making it. But belief has nothing to do with actual information. They are from different worlds.

The vast majority of what we hear can be tested using rational thought and critical thinking and discarded immediately. A "packet" of real information is precious.

It's okay to "not know"- it's not okay to claim to know when you don't.

Tuesday, May 29, 2018


This morning I get up to brush my teeth, come back, and find "Rosanne" has gone from being the cat's-meow to a cat-turd.
Yes, I'm shocked- SHOCKED- to once again find racism, race-bias and race-privilege in America... and from such an icon of propriety no less.

And I'm shocked, shocked, SHOCKED to find it happening in Hollywood of all places!

And finally, I'm shocked, shocked, shocked SHOCKED to find a celebrity has spoken aloud one such lizard-brained mentation as scurries across everyone's brain from time to time. 

But I'm NOT shocked, shocked, shocked, shocked, SHOCKED that there are people who deny having such cognitive content, whether predominantly, preeminently or simply fleeting. Otherwise we wouldn't be ugly, phony-ass Americans.

Got denial?