Tuesday, October 23, 2012


HIATUS, SCHMIATUS: There is an election coming up here and it's hard to know whether our general nausea is health-related or whether our suffering is suffrage-generated. So, as a test, we're back from the half-dead to share our take on a few of the lesser evils pending voter approval on November 6.

Of course there's a criminally insane persecutor- er, prosecutor- who's asking for a chance to continue her disservice. So if you like abuse of power with a racist tinge your loooodicrous choice would be Shaylene "the Spitter" Iseri-Carvalho. Sane voters however will be selecting Justin Kollar who is actually, from all indications, a thoughtful, progressive and apparently honest attorney who, even if he weren't has the fact that he is not Shaylene going for him. And he has our enthusiastic support.

When it comes to the council race, shockingly nothing has changed since our evaluations before theAugust primary except that the assholes have become more, well, assholy with Mel Rapozo and Kipukai Kuali`i battling it out for the title of the Alpha Douche-bag. That and a warning about Ross Kagawa who has been busy making kissy face (and butt) with the good old boys and girls for the past couple of decades and is now trying to move up a notch to become an elected smarm-meister

But shockingly there is someone to actually for vote FOR locally because the man who takes the dirty out of the words "dirty politician," Gary Hooser, is "returning" to Kaua`i and running for a county council seat. Gary is a walking contradiction- an honest man who actually serves the people while serving in office. We honestly can't think of more than once or twice where we've had to disagree with him and that's because of our notorious radical, commie-pinko leanings.

Gary is amazingly willing to publicly and vocally get out front on controversial issues that truly move him- for instance he was not only the first member of the legislature to oppose the Super Ferry but very publicly led much of the Kaua`i-based opposition... although he wasn't out on the docks of Nawiliwili with a bullhorn leading the blockade, as was rumored in Honolulu. He also took a stand for civil rights when many of the more bible-addled decided to poke their noses in the crotches of same gender couples, successfully guiding the civil unions legislation through the state senate while his fellow reps and sens were running away from the issue. We could go on and on but hopefully you get the idea.

That brings us to the horns of the Minotaur’s dilemma- there are two names that we urge you to consider in addition to your vote for Gary. As former Councilmember Lani Kawahara wrote recently:

I will be casting ONLY 3 votes in the Kauai County Council race, and those votes go to Gary Hooser, JoAnn Yukimura and Tim Bynum.

Dynamics play a huge part in creating and passing positive, meaningful legislation. With Gary, JoAnn and Tim on the Council, we will have the best chance of creating a responsible and sustainable way of life on Kauai that respects the culture and makes Kauai a model for other counties to follow. We can move forward with progressive initiatives that will benefit Kauai’s families.

Gary is a proven, effective legislator who will protect our environment and our access to our beaches and mountains. He will work toward making Kauai energy and food self-sufficient. His legislative experience, leadership and voice on the Council will be a huge asset in protecting the interests of the community and the land.

JoAnn Yukimura also has an unquestionable record of integrity and achievement in those areas important to me: environmental protection, affordable housing and public transportation.

Tim Bynum is smart, hardworking and totally dedicated to putting our community first. It was truly an honor to serve with him. In this current term, Tim reduced taxes, providing tax relief to residents for the first time in years. Tim also understands the importance of open, honest government and has shown he is willing to speak truth to power.

JoAnn and Tim have worked well together these past two years but have sometimes been stymied by opposition and roadblocks put up by others. Add Gary to the mix and the Council dynamics will change dramatically for the positive.

Though I know, have worked with, and have great respect for the other candidates, there is no question in my mind whatsoever that ONLY these three individuals consistently represent my personal hopes and dreams for Kauai.

This race will be close and every vote will count. Please join me in voting only for Gary, JoAnn and Tim to ensure that the Kauai we love and the ideals we cherish are supported and nurtured during the years ahead.

We do want to add one more thing for those who are planning on voting for JoAnn Yukimura but are withholding your vote from Tim Bynum because of his strong support for the measure to grandfather Transient Vacation Rentals (TVRs) on Agriculturally-zoned land while banning new ones. We do want to remind you that Yukimura also supported the measure so it would seem a little hypocritical to support her while rejecting him based on that one issue.

While we disagree with Tim on many issues we are convinced that whatever he does he does it because he actually believes it's the right thing to do- something you don't otherwise see on the Kaua`i County Council these days. That alone earns or respect and vote.

We also ask you to reject all of the Kaua`i charter amendments. While not going into the specifics of each one they do have some things in common. Each is generally poorly written, attempts to solve a problem that doesn't really exist and/or, in fact, makes matters worse, usually by tackling minutia instead of actually reforming their target areas.

Finally, if you are looking for someone to actually vote FOR in the presidential race please join us in voting for Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate.

See you sometime, hopefully, in the hopeful near future.