Saturday, October 28, 2017


After the October 1954 New York Giants World Series victory ,drilling on the proper playground fan etiquette for the winners began in earnest- especially for we two-year-olds. The assumption was that this of course would be a yearly occurrence.

Schooling came from my best friend Barry Dubin's much older four-year-old brother who sat on the side of the bed deeply crowing "Fahk da dahgahs." in his four-year-old basso-profundo which rattled the walls and scared the neighbors as I remember it.

Barry and I, while Jew and a Gentile, seated on the floor at his feet, were united in squeaking out our response- "Fahk da dahgahs"

Each of Barry's brother's "Fahk da dahgahs" brought a "Fahk da dahgahs" from the peanut gallery.
"Fahk da dahgahs." begat "Fahk da dahgahs." begat "Fahk da dahgahs." beget "Fahk da dahgahs."... back and forth, call and response until we were fully indoctrinated life-long Giants fans.

Raspy throats took occasioanl breaks for some girl scout cookies and milk and, all right in the Giants' world, we proudly carried on the black and orange on high, high, high, high...

Over and over, all night, the cadence shook the plastered walls of the lower east side of Manhattan apartment, our colors matching those of our borough. The Trolley Dahgahs meanwhile were denizens of some other crazy hell hole called, among all things, Brooklyn, where they'd sell your liver for the price of an egg cream, where they played Ring-A-Leav-i-o instead of Johnny-On-The-Pony... oh the incivility of it all. I knew this because Donny Jackson, who would go on to Columbia University Quarterback Ignominy had visited his grandma in Brooklyn for three weeks that very summer and saw it all.

Who's a thunk it but the my Giants didn't win the World Series again until 2010, years after they had moved away to San Francisco. And the Dahgahs, now in LA, haven't won since 1988.

So once more for old time sake: Fahk Da Dahgahs Fahk Da Dahgahs Fahk Da Dahgahs Fahk Da Dahgahs... eternally....

Friday, October 27, 2017

Keeping Up With The Kealohas

Yes it's local TV's Latest Hit Show HNN's "Keeping Up With The Kealohas." Last night's special featured a blast of foul smelling stinkerino from the past in the name of Jake Delaplane. For newbies or those with short memories he was disgraced former Kaua`i Prosecutor Shaylene Iseri's second-alcoholic-and-respondent-in-command who is now apparently, they say, representing a couple of the "co-conspirators" in HPD's spin-off "Pimp My Mail Box."
Does sleaze know no bottom rung? We'll see.
But do read up on Jake's involvement in the Kaua`i "Rice-Cooker-Gate" in a few investigative pieces I penned in 2012 and thereabouts... and look for Judge Watenabe's from-the-bench chiding of self same Delaplane.