Tuesday, December 22, 2015


   The Mark Zuckerberg clan was kind enough today to post to my Facebook "Timeline" what appears to be a "Seasons Greetings" note reading:
   "It's the first day of winter, Andy! We're sending warm wishes your way today and throughout the season."
   Can't ya just feel the corporate love? I look forward to that sort of analytics-derived sincerity from, no doubt, the very bottom of Mark's and Priscilla's altruistic, silicon-based, little hearts. (The informality of the exclamation point following my name was really special touch "Mark"... if I may be so bold)..
   I'm sure Mr Z and Ms Chan will want to personally take some time-out from their busy schedule of writing checks with eye-popping numbers of extra zeros on the end buying-up a kuleana or three- all the while constructing fences that block points along the thousand-year-old "ala loa" shoreline-access-trail and posting "no trespassing" signs at Lepa`uli beach. Then they will have all the time- and privacy- they need so as to sort through all that mega-data to generate notification of these vitally informative messages of Aloha on my list of all the other "events" I didn't ask to be made aware of but will nonetheless be there for my perusal "throughout the season." .
I'm sure that wouldn't be the season of genocide. No- I guess you just meant the winter.
   Your Kaua`i Pal,