Tuesday, December 8, 2009


GOING ROGUER: Although we are pretty obsessive about keeping up with local and statewide news reports- not as much for the content but for what kind of pabulum we’re being fed- we do miss things.

But we’re pretty sure that the 2010 plans of Linda “Stepford Wife” Lingle isn’t among them.

She’s been rumored to be movin' on up to the east side of the country in the event the Democrats continue to screw up their unscrew-up-able 2008 mandate to end the war and reverse the constitution shredding and her Republicans take over once again. It would be understandable if she skips town taut suite in ’10 considering what all but the most knee-jerk of partisan GOPers know to be a corruption-plagued comically inept administration-by-press-conference.

But there are those who think she will yet challenge Sen. Dan Inouye who’s up for rubber-stamping next November or even try to fill the seat Congressperson Neil Abercrombie is vacating to run for her term-limited office.

That’s why it’s strange that apparently no one in the horse-race obsessed corporate press seemed to notice a Lingle-penned column that ran in our local Kauai paper this weekend.

After a few paragraphs of self promotional blather Lingle writes quite unequivocally “I want the people of Hawai`i to know that I will not be seeking another elected office in 2010”.

Now it’s understandable in that when 99% of readers saw the headline “Continuing the Journey” and the byline in the newspaper or read the “tease” on-line saying “(f)or the past seven years, it has been my honor and privilege to serve as Governor of our great State of Hawai`i”, they rolled their eyes and went on to the next story.

No one wants to read the usual kind of self congratulatory crap, revisionist history or politically-tone-deaf proposals that she is famous for- probably not even the local editors who took a “plop it in the newshole” approach to the copy.

It’s a well-worn political PR tactic to go to the smallest 'burb in the constituency for a “soft” announcement of somewhat embarrassing news and the expected “well she couldn’t win a race for dogcatcher these days” response could well have motivated Lingle to keep the news a bit spongy.

Unless we missed it in the Honolulu papers expect to see her announcement that she’s going fully lame-duck to permeate the MSM pretty soon.

Either way, the news we won’t have Ding-A-Lingle to kick around anymore can’t come a moment too soon.

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THe Rogue-i-est

Well, maybe she will attend my Sarah Palin Bookburning and potluck on the 19th of December from 9am to 11 am at Lydgate Park?

I hear she makes a fantastic orange jello mold with pineapples.

(Just thought I would do a bit of shameless self promoting myself!! HAHA. Keep up the great work, Andy!)

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