Wednesday, February 24, 2010


STILL PEEIN’ ON THE TIRES: The latest version of the flim-flam shell-game theft of kanaka maoli lands known as the Akaka bill that was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives yesterday has us thinking of our favorite “inside” joke of late.

It was just a throwaway bit on Jon Stewart’s “Daily Show” about the way the congressional Repugnacan’t are screwin’ with the Dummocraps and Oh-bummer by saying they want to work with them, and then unanimously refusing to vote for anything, even the stuff they said they supported the day before.

He compared it to a movie clip of a car-full of the “cool” kids who invite a dweeb to “get in” and open the door only to drive off just as the kid reaches for the handle. They stop 50 feet away and say “get in- we promise- we’ll let you in this time” so the kid runs to the car only to have them drive off another 50 feet away and the process repeats itself over and over with the gullible kid running to the new location in the insane hope they will let him in the next time.

“But guess what” Stewart says, leaning into the camera. “THEY’RE NEVER GOING TO LET YOU IN THE CAR”.

Over and over we see it- people banding together with faith that the U.S. government is that mythical one they were told of as children, only to find it populated by power-hungry corporate servants dedicated to strengthening the walls that keep them in and us out.

Whether it’s the local county council telling the good governance duo of Tim and Lani they too want reform before slamming the door on any reform of our Minataur system of governance, the advocates for civil rights for same gender couples who are jerked around by state legislators who claim to support them and then sabotage bills behind closed doors or the kanaka maoli who yearn for the independent nation with a land base that was stolen from them 117 years ago only to be offered a bill of goods that steals their land “one last time fair and square”, you ain’t getting in the car- not now, not tomorrow, not the next day... not ever.

In many places those who’ve had the car leave without them once too often take matters into their own hands and sabotage the brakes or maybe toss a lit bottle of gasoline at the fleeing vehicle.

Around here all we can say to the “in crowd” is that, to use another catch phrase, “the natives are getting restless”.

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