Thursday, September 30, 2010


THE DAMAGE DONE: We often feel a wave of ambivalence come over us when a true buffoon runs for office. On one hand we’re terrified that this moron might actually get elected but on the other it would provide us endless material.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Duke Aiona is the kind of twit that, if the prospect of his incumbency weren’t so scary, we’d love to have to kick around.

Last night we’re watching KITV’s six o’clock news and there’s the big Dookie on the screen and Denby Fawcett is reporting that despite the fact that Aiona has spent eight years promoting flu vaccines he himself doesn’t get them.

After running down his numerous “get your shots” PR efforts over the years the on air story had this quote in explanation from Aiona.

"I have never really been vaccinated in the past and I guess I am a creature of habit and I seem to take care of myself fairly well, exercising and dieting and I do brag about that," said Aiona on Tuesday.

But for some reason Fawcett leaves out a quote that appears only in the print version of the story at KITV’s web site.

Aiona said he is neutral about the information about flu shots.

"I have read the literature on it, I have read the science on it and I say it has some merit to it and I am not convinced that vaccines are more beneficial that harmful. But I don't think in any way my personal views hamper our efforts to get people to get vaccinated. I encourage people to get vaccinated," said Aiona.

Are you freakin’ kidding us? It’s downright scary to think this dim-witted church-addict might just be deciding issues based on Leviticus instead of Lister.

Not everyone needs a flu shot- not everyone comes into contact with a lot of people. But Aiona is currently crisscrossing the state shaking every hand, kissing every baby and hugging every tutu he can get his hands on, spreading germs with a paint roller.

You never know with these bible thumpers- maybe when it comes to infectious disease transmission he eschews the germ “theory” in favor of demonic possession.

But think of the fun in four years of ridicule. We couldn’t ask for more.


LaynaLovesEric said...

What is wrong with a person making a personal choice regarding vaccinations? That is the whole message with getting vaccinated if you are at risk. No where have I seen one of the risks being stated that if you are shaking hands you should get a vaccine. Vaccines are, and should be a personal choice, not mandated by the government. You know this already. Give me a break.

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