Tuesday, October 26, 2010


TIMES OF THE SIGN: The words “fight of his political life” have become clichéd lately when the subject of Kaua`i County Council Chair and long time member Kaipo Asing comes up in conversations across the island lately.

So it won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who has gotten the mailers or seen the yard signs that the notorious “lone wolf” campaigner who had never taken a nickel in campaign contributions reported raising $11,867.04 between September 19 and October 18, 2010.

A “primary” election wake-up call has him battling with first time councilmember Dickie Chang and aspirant Kipukai Kuali`i for the seventh and final spot and though Asing at one point said that his current term would be his last, few suspected he might not be stating his ambitions but rather, psychic.

In raising that much in such a small window Asing apparently took a page from the advice most of us give to serious first-time candidates- call up a dozen of your friends and ask them for a thousand dollars.

Other that $175.00 collected in amounts under $100.00 the rest of Asing’s war chest (boy those are three words we never thought we’d hear) came from a dirty dozen of supporters both here and in Honolulu.

They are (by name, date and amount)

1) Alexander & Baldwin Inc HiPac 09/27/2010 $2,000.00

When Alexander and Baldwin apparently rewarded the councilmembers who voted for the Kukui`ula affordable housing reduction bill with a thousand dollar apiece in contributions- as we reported on September 16- the only "yea” vote missing out was Asing’s. Apparently, here it is along with an extra grand for being such a good little boy in recent years.

2) Lynn P McCrory. 09/27/2010 $500.00

A stalwart of the tourism industry, Princeville's Pahio Resorts big-wig McCrory is actually a Republican indicating where Asing’s supporters are at politically these days.

3) Ezra R. Kanoho, 10/04/2010 $500.00
Kanoho is actually a long time personal friend of Asing’s since both’s days at the phone company and through Kanoho’s days in the legislature where he was the original “man who never met a hotel he didn’t like”. Kanoho handpicked his successor, as political godfathers are wont to do, then-Republican Jimmy Tokioka who then switched parties.

4) Dee M. Crowell 10/12/2010 $250.00

Former planning director and now developer representative in various tourism endeavors over the years, Crowell has appeared before Asing in council matters over the years, always getting what he wants. It’s apparently time to reciprocate.

5) Jeffrey R Stone 10/12/2010 $250.00

Arguably the biggest developer in the islands Stone is, if nothing else, one of the richest. The fact he supports Asing speaks volumes about Asing. The fact that he’s so cheap that it was only $250 speaks volumes about Stone.

The rest are, with one exception, (as noted) from Honolulu.

6) Arda Roc-Pac 09/27/2010 $250.00
7) Warren H. Haruki, 10/04/2010 $250.00
8) Matsubara-Kotake Attorneys At Law 10/04/2010 $500.00
9) Hawaii Fire Fighters Association Political Action 10/12/2010 $300.00
10) Kendall C. Kim, 10/12/2010 $250.00
11) Kevin M. Showe (Showe Land & Marine, LLC Owner) 10/12/2010 $1,000.00
12 G Scott) McCormack, 10/12/2010 $300.00 (Princeville)

In addition to the contributions Asing loaned his own campaign $5,392.04 to go along with a still outstanding $1,350.00 loan from the November 2007 report, for a total of $6,742.04 in outstanding loans. With $7,554.13 spent and $4,312.91 cash on hand he has a total deficit of $2,429.13.

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