Sunday, April 6, 2014


(PNN) -- While current Kaua`i Mayor Bernard Carvalho Jr. has already flied papers to run for another four-year term only one incumbent Councilmember, Mel Rapozo, has officially thrown his hat into the ring for another two years, according to the Friday's latest list of candidates.

Carvalho's potential opponents include minor and perennial candidates. Three out of the four listed have "pulled papers" but only one, Debralynn M Desilva Carveiro, has filed to oppose him.

But the list of 11 potential council candidates includes repeated after-ran, former Councilmember Kipukai Kuali`i who has filed to run after again failing to be elected in 2012 after being appointed to fill a vacancy, along with some other notable names and, perhaps, another former councilmember.

We say "perhaps" because among the names on this list is one "KANESHIRO, ARRYL J" a moniker suspiciously similar to that of long time Councilmember Darryl J Kaneshiro who lost a bid for reelection in the '00's, was appointed back onto the council when there was a vacancy, won re-election again and then retired in 2010.

(Correction: Arryl Kaneshiro is Darryl's son and works for Mike Tressler and Grove Farm.  That's what you get for writing on Sunday.)

Kuali`i also quite boisterously attempted to be appointed once again last year when a vacancy on the council opened up, claiming his eighth place finish in the 2012 election should have held sway even though no such qualification for appointment exists.

If all 11 filed it would supersede total number who ran for council in 2012 when only nine sought a seat. Some observers think that this year's total could top the record of 19 that ran one year in the 90's. The council has seven at-large members.

The list of those who have drawn a petition to run- a practice referred to as "pulling papers"- is eyeopening, for the inclusion of current Police Chief Darryl Perry with whom the mayor has feuded over who has the power to discipline the chief- the mayor or the police commission.

The Kaua`i County Charter gives the commission the power to hire and fire the chief but reserves disciplinary power over department heads to the mayor.

Currently the police commission is suing over the matter after the mayor suspended Perry last year over reported charges that Perry attempted to dissuade a female officer from filing sexual harassment charges against one of Perry's deputy chiefs- a charge civil rights law see as tantamount to sexual harassment itself.

While the list of council seat-seekers includes three new faces who have filed- Arthur Brun, Ronald Horoshko and Ernest Kanekoa, Jr- it also contains perennial candidate and Republican stalwart Joanne Georgi, Kaua`i police officer and legacy Joseph Kaauwai Jr who will try again for a council slot and the only other incumbent to pull papers, JoAnn Yukimura.

In the legislature, while all three incumbents have pulled papers and may face opposition if those who have pulled papers actually file, none of the current office holders have flied. The only one to actually file is Republican Steven Yoder who will no doubt prove to be an also-ran against Jimmy Tokioka.

Tokioka, who was originally appointed to his house seat, is expected to face his first-ever real opposition from legacy Dylan Hooser who has announced he will run but hasn't, as yer pulled papers. Hooser is the son of former State Senate Majority Leader and current Kaua`i Councilmember Gary Hooser.

The list of candidates who have pulled papers for governor includes 11 people (non-partisan Khistina C. Dejean, has filed) for US Senator seven names (Republican Harry Joseph Friel, Jr., has filed) and for 2nd U.S. Congressional District, three (Libertarian Joseph William Kent has filed).

The deadline to file to run for office is Tuesday June 3rd at 4:30 p.m. Candidates can pick up papers at the Historic County Building in Lihu`e. The deadline to register to vote in the August 9th Primary Election is July 10th. The deadline to register for the November 4th General Election is August 2nd.


imuakauai said...

I want to apply for council, the more the merrier, to waterdown votes, so that he will never see politics because of earlier flips and as he nudges up with robin danner, a non-hawaiian who virtually took over Anahola. The township changed their name to Anadannerhola village to go along with AHHA control, Marketplace control, Giving non-hawaiian pointers on how-to steal blood quantum specific properties, such the same as KIUC or Green Energy. Lots of issues that Kanaka Maoli are in awe of, but remain kicked to the curb under the bus.

imuakauai said...

He is KipuKai Kualiʻi