Wednesday, May 18, 2016


No matter what Chuck Todd says there actually are staunch Bernie Sanders supporters who say that, in comparison, Hillary Clinton may not not that bad.

A fellow "Berner of a certain age" posted on Facebook today that she "won't be devastated if (Clinton is) the nominee. She'll be an effective executive. Besides, she has made some platform changes that were inspired by Bernie. She's not exactly progressive, especially in foreign affairs. But she's far to the left of the Republicans on social and environmental issues, and her SCOTUS appointees will never overturn Roe v. Wade. Of course, if she resurrects Glass-Steagall I'll plotz. Bernie's supporters can do worse. "

She may be right in some ways but that's not going to convince the burned baby Berners.

Expanding on the Zenish theme I pondered on Monday, even if Clinton has more votes and delegates in the end, it is also true at the same time that she and the party conspired to create rules and processes that essentially made that point moot... and moreover its veracity indeterminable.

Should she win the nomination Hillary's downfall in the General will be in not having told the Democratic Party bosses- and in fact her own advisers- early on to back off and create a transparent, fully democratic process and let the chips fall where they may. Instead of standing up to them (as if) she has, at best, allowed them to embrace the traditional crooked procedures to the point where no one will ever be able to even tell if she would have won without setting up a system to assure she got the lions' share of delegates or whether she earned them democratically or not.

While the threats of misogynous trolls among the Bernie or Bust crowd are not just wrong but stupid and unproductive they are just the ugly side of a frustration with the corporate corruption of the country that has created a generation of revolutionaries who simply cannot wait for another generation or two to magically correct itself incrementally.

Look what's happening out in the street- Got a Revolution?

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