Tuesday, February 12, 2008


MAD MUTT MONEY: The Obama campaign has made political history in Hawai`i, being the first ever to air local TV ads soliciting support and attendance at the Democratic Party caucuses।

Just four years ago Kerry and Bush ads were the first ever local ads during a presidential race after the media hyped a bogus poll showing Hawai`i to be “in play” for the first time.

And now with the race in heat and media dragging their doggie tongues on the ground at the advertising dollars that can generate, our 20 measly delegates are important enough to have unexpectedly attracted the big bucks of presidential cash.

Not only are the spots running on the broadcast Honolulu stations but are being bought on at least one island’s (Kaua`i) cable system’s “local insert” ads on CNN

Every local TV news outlet has done a piece or two hyping and ginning up enthusiasm for the Democratic caucuses with a “Hawai`i can effect the nomination race this time ” message- the one the Party is trying to push into the media spotlight to begin with..

It’s a bonus that the local stations- and even more so Time Warner- didn’t expect this election year and could make up for prospectively dismal prospects in the fall for the broadcast stations... what without much of a challenge to Mufi on the horizon and no statewide races to fulfill their usual election year revenue projections.

Will Clinton answer Obama spot for spot? Given that she is reportedly running out of cash and Obama seems to be flush, it is doubtful. But no one is returning this windfall and watch for more solicitous reports at 5,6&10 as well as during Stewart and Colbert.

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