Friday, September 26, 2008


DOWN TO THE BONE: As a group Americans are too dumb to live.

And this week many have proven it by swallowing the supposed fact that there’s some kind of so-called financial crisis- one that anyone who didn’t cause it needs to care about..

The media bombards us with talking suits whipping up a frenzy proclaiming that “something” horribly horrendous is going to happen unless we pay some extortion money to keep those who stole our money from keeping it.

What exactly is that “something”? Well you could read all 700 billion articles written in the last week or so and never find out. It is apparently like a Hitchcock movie where the dread is more terrorizing if you don’t know exactly what it is.

So while most are exclaiming a wide eyed “haaa-laaa” we’re proclaiming “nanny-nanny-boo-boo”.

As in, “we told you so”- your morally bankrupt economic system has reached it’s inevitable terminus and now it’s financially bankrupt too..

It’s the last gasp of the dying capitalist system that has ripped us off for years. And now that the chickens are roosting we’re being asked to support an end game that allows the 5% of the people who own 95% of the money to finish scooping up the last $700 billion of it.

Actually the 5%- now closer to 1%- already “own” more than 100% because this economic miracle is based on the fact that you’ve already borrowed twice as much as you could ever hope to pay off. So not only are you broke but you’re in debt up your eyeballs to the self-same giants that stole your cow and gave you magic beans.

Well fee-fie-fo-fum- we smell the blood of gluttonous scum.

Do you think this is the last $700 billion- a figure that they admit they just made up because it sounds like a lot- and then everything will be hunky dory?.

They actually get on TV and call it their “house of cards”. It’s like they said “uh-oh it’s the end of the line for us- how much can we scam them for before they wake up?”.

This is not a crisis unless you’re a greedy little pig who pissed on those who actually produced the products that you stole.

Well the pissed on better get pissed off before we’re all piss poor.

If you care whether all stocks and bonds and banks and (especially) insurance companies are worthless tomorrow well guess what- that makes you one of them... and the amount you will lose is in precise proportion to your greediness.

How democratic- it’s not a calamity, it’s poetic and economic justice. If you reap what you have sown retribution will be in the exact amount of you combined stupidity and avarice.

The “invertors” are the people who cause this and they deserve to lose the gamble they took- even according to their own economic rules.

There’s some restructuring coming and it won’t be pretty no matter what we do. If we sink more good money after bad it will only be worse when that house of cards becomes an un-stacked deck again

It’s about time... and we should be celebrating the fact that the final collapse of make-believe wealth is here at last.

This is no crisis- it’s the end of this absurd economic system that robs the poor and feeds the rich.

The “solution” is to let those a-holes who gambled and lost to join us in the breadline they were planning for us all along..

Where do you think the money the gamblers have came from? Your pocket.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that as the rich got richer we’ve gone from having one person working at one job to support one family at the beginning of the easy credit era in the 50’s to now having two people working three jobs to do the same?

Hear that sound on the TV and in the paper? It’s the reverberation of the parasites’ dirty work on Wall Street and their sycophants on Capitol Hill whipping up a media frenzy because they’re broke. It’s the Alexander the (Financial) Great crying because he has no more money left to conquer.

It’s the actual the sound of the death throws of the capitalist system makes. It’s finally reached the end of the line because there’s no more money for them to steal from you.

Not only did they steal the sweat of your brow and siphon off profit as private enterprise and entrepreneurship has always done but whatever you had left was spent paying off the interest on stuff that was in the dump by the time you paid it off.

Over the past 60 years that’s caused you to borrow more and more and give them a bigger chunk of the sweat of your brow, finally snowballing into a system where there wasn’t enough money left in working people’s hands to pay back the fat cats.

They have finally realized the actual producers of goods and services can never pay them back the money they forced us to borrow in order to just provide food and shelter for our families.

So they want to force us to borrow a “final” $700 billion which should be just enough to prop up the failed system long enough to distract us from lynching those who have all the monopoly money while they convert their paper assets into tangibles, leaving the suckers who bought the worthless paper to pay it off..

And those suckers would be us, the taxpayers, if this scam they’re pulling in D.C. comes to fruition.

The theory of surplus value has finally run it’s course. That equation says that if rich people are skimming profit and usury from the workers who create the products of value, those workers can never possibly have enough money to purchase the goods they make.

But the American – and now world wide- capitalist system needs an unlimited supply of money to keep running. The only problem is that now there’s no more blood left in the stone.

It isn’t a calamity for most of us- we’ll go to work tomorrow and produce something. It’s only a crisis for those who have been stealing from us all these years.

Americans though appear too stupid to realize that nothing will happen if we just let the whole system collapse of it’s own weight except to those who deserve it- in the exact amount of their involvement in the theft.

You don’t have to be a commie to know it it’s not a catastrophe- it’s the culmination of the experiment that is modern American capitalism.

You asked for it- you got it.


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Katy said...

for most of us life will go on as usual, running out of money before we run out of month. I just hope the greedy lethargic devils ripping us off do get to see what it's like. But they won't of course.