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MAYBE THE DINGO ATE YOUR BOOK: One aspect of yesterday’s discussion of the, if not censorship at least apparent, reticence on the part of Borders book store to carry the book KPD Blue - and their slew of questionable excuses as to why they won’t- drew a phone call within moments of pushing the publish button.

It was librarian/councilmember Lani Kawahara at Kapa`a library calling with the news that, despite Sommer’s contention that “Hawaii public libraries are ignoring the book as well”, she had ordered and received copies for the Kapa`a library- where there is a waiting list of seven people as of yesterday- and facilitated getting copies over to Koloa and other libraries on Kaua`i.

David Thorpe at the Koloa Branch conformed that and told us that

When (Lani) received it she sent it to our Cataloging Section in Honolulu for original cataloging. That process does take a little while, but it is the only way to enable to book to be circulated by the Hawaii State Public Library System. When there seemed to be a growing interest in the book (as evidenced by an GI editorial by Walter Lewis last week), I asked the Friends of Koloa Library to order 2 copies for each branch on Kauai. The order came in today and the books have been sent out to the branches. The books should be available for borrowing soon.

But more importantly we understand there is a new and final reason why Borders will not be carrying KPD Blue- they apparently can’t get a decent wholesale price.

We finally got a call from Borders manager Helaine Perel who told us that despite what the publisher had told author Anthony Sommer book stores cannot apparently get a decent wholesale price from the distributor and would not only have to take the books on a “no-return” basis but would only get a 5% discount off retail and have to pay for shipping.

“In no way did I ever try to keep the book out of the store. It’s completely mercenary- we just couldn’t make any money on it” said Perel.

Sommer said in a phone call today that he can get them at a reasonable wholesale price but it would take 90 days or more because “it’s the holiday season” as the publisher warned him months ago. Even then Borders would have to pay for them up front, which he says Perel told him would take her 90 days clear.

Perel confirmed that and said she could order them from Sommer now with a credit card but Sommer says he’s certainly not set up to do that.

“Print on demand is a bad way to go for writers- there’s just too many problems” for the anyone who also want their book in book stores in addition to on-line orders. Perel added

Interestingly Perel said she spoke to former councilmember and mayoral candidate Mel Rapozo about the book and his role in it and the “lap dancing at the station house” episode the book begins with “

“You probably lost the election because of the book” she told him,

“You’re probably right” he said.

Nothing was mentioned about how his actions had allowed Sommer to detail them in the book in the first place.... seems as usual in politics it’s getting caught that ruins everything.

“I would have loved to sell it- I could have sold a thousand copes but it would have cost more than I would have made on each book” she said.

Sommer said he’s satisfied with Perel’s explanation. Whether Borders will or won’t get them in is anyone’s guess.


To update and correct our projection last month of how the newly passed citizen’s charter amendment giving “teeth” to the general plan will effect the Planning Department’s processing of tourism accommodation projects, it seems that actually charter amendments don’t take effect until 30 days after they are passed according to the charter, as opposed to “immediately upon passage” as we reported.

And that would make tomorrow’s meeting of the Planning Commission the first where an illegal approval might take place.

According to Juan Wilson piece at his Island Breath web site

Well, those pesky developers continue to plague south Kauai. They have not dried up and blown away in the wind with all that phony money.

In fact they threaten another attack.

Two items come up before the County Planning Commission tomorrow. Both should be turned down. Kauai needs your voice there to help make that happen.

First is final approval for The Knudsen Trust (read Stacey Wong and lawyer Walter Hong) are going for a final approval on plans for Phase One of the Village at Poipu subdivision.

This, as you may know, is planned to stretch from Poipu to Koloa and displace and destroy much of the most significant Hawaiian settlement remaining on Kauai, or anywhere else. Knudsen Trust has not gotten a sign-off on this project from the State on this.

Whether anyone will raise the issue as to the jurisdiction of the planning commission in approving the project is anyone’s guess but what is apparent is that according to the county charter the county council, not the commission, is the only entity that has that power at present.

The meeting is scheduled for 8 a.m. at the Lihue Civic Center, Moikeha Building Meeting Room 2A-2B

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Mauibrad said...

About a month ago I tried to donate 2 copies of KPD Blue to the Princeville Library. The head librarian there flatly would not take it for cataloging into circulation. I was going to take the 2 copies over to the Kapaa library, but never got around to it. Interesting to now hear this story about Borders and the libraries. Aloha, Brad