Monday, February 23, 2009


IT’S ALL IN THE BREEDING: Thomas Paine saw his times and felt they tried his soul. But this week’s two black letter days try our patience more than anything else.

There’s a certain brand of brainlessness that pervades America today and apparently has ever since old Tom’s words challenged the privilege of the rich, the white and especially, the hypocritically pious.

The current privilege has deep roots in the sordid historically-destined, manifest-degeneracy only a “christain nation” can muster.

On Wednesday the U.S. Supreme Court will hear the stolen (ceded) lands case and nod in self-important agreement that portends yet another ruling that says theft is ok as long as you steal it from brown people and “heathens”.

But before that, tomorrow the church-addled will go before a Hawai`i State Senate Judicial Committee to wring their bloody hands and try to kill a “civil unions” bill (HB 444) that is already a watered down, slap-in-the-face of full civil rights for same gender couples.

Now you would think that it might be hard to find people who find the prospect of the former to be horrifying yet join the virulently devout in spreading their diseased precepts.

And you would be wrong.

This morning we received an email from one of the most rabid defenders of Kanaka Maoli rights with a subject line saying “Today: Urge the Hawaii Senate NOT to Pass Civil Unions”.

Our jaw dropped further upon reading the appeal that said

Aloha All,

If the thought of homosexual men being allowed to adopt babies and children sends a shiver up your spine; use this sample form.

The ridiculous juxtaposition of the salutation and the message aside we had to agree that it is spine-chilling to think that this kind of moronic and frenzied fear-mongering from people who hold a book of fairy tales in reverence is actually being circulated

But despite the fact that we could “feel the hate” jump off the page the letter goes on to say

This is not a declaration against homosexuality, it is about placing priorities.

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

All hope of rationality disappears after that as the solicitously salacious epistle goes on to say.

You must what (sic) is more important: To approve a civil union for the sake of individuals to profess their affection for each other. (Which, in asking for, is selfish and reckless disregard for the consequences) or, To open the door to endangerment of children who are incapable of protecting themselves against clever, dangerous legislation. STOPPING THIS UNNECESSARY AND STUPID BILL IS FOR THE INNOCENT CHILDREN OF THE WORLD.

“Selfish and reckless disregard for the consequences”- seems we’ve heard Lingle, Bennett and Conklin use those words to describe the demands of Hawaiian kanaka.

Wait- it gets worse. Here’s a “sample letter” you’re urged send to legislators:

This bill would extend full relationship protections and benefits afforded to a lawful union of a man and a woman. Further, it provides gay and lesbian couples with equal provisions under the law such as ADOPTION OF BABIES AND CHILDREN

Ah- all pretense is gone, eh Gertrude?

But look out- here’s comes the kind of blithering blabber and sanctimoniously scurrilous screed only the truly “religulous” can muster

It is just and appropriate to extend more protections to BABIES AND CHILDREN THAN TO SATISFY AN UNNECESSARY AND UNUSUAL SELFISH DEMAND that will do more harm to the majority of the general public, specifically innocent, unknowing children.

Yeah you know church-going, opposite-gender couples have done such a great job of child rearing to date and not teaching their kids how to be good six-day-a-week, drunken, ice-addled adulterous spouse abusers, that we have no overflowing jails or rehab facilities and child protective service workers sit and file their nails and read the paper all day because they have such light case loads.

Also, private employers will be required to offer health benefits to same-sex couples.

This bill is a SUBVERSION of the Equal Rights Protections. You must ENSURE THAT BABIES AND CHILDREN HAVE RIGHTS PERIOD! Passing this will DENY the protections for babies and children and their equal rights.

Yeah- they deserve the right to be raised by two abusive, impotent, closeted members of different genders who hate each other enough to devote their lives to making each other miserable.

But- you knew it was coming- the author finally couldn’t control it any more.

Would you be comfortable knowing a young boy of someone you knew (or didn’t know) was adopted by two male pedophiles????? BECAUSE YOU VOTED YES? Possibly for the baby pedophile market that can bring thousands and thousands of dollars for a child. Please be aware of an Organized League of Pedophiles that are wealthy and powerful reaching all the way to the top in this government.

Oh- you mean the catholic church?

It all begs the question- “what do you say to the truly delusional?”.

The problem is that this tactic of whipping up an emotional and contagious frenzy is a real winner in this country.

It creates a stench of bigotry and a hallucinatory fantasy world that the already faith -addled are uniquely suited for, as we in these islands found out 10 years ago and Californians finally got a whiff of last November.

And really it’s going to be more of the same on Wednesday when the true believers in the divinely approved genocide of manifest destiny will once again argue that, silly rabbit, rights are for white christians.

It’s the same world view, perverted by indoctrination and faith, that can ignore both acknowledged theft and the depraved nature of their own “lifestyle” while criticizing others for larceny and degeneracy

It’s the same eyes that can deny species evolution and embrace a 6000 year geologic history of the earth - the same minds that think babies are born to virgins, the same ears that that listen to and buy stories of people who live 900 years or live for days inside a fish, the same mental deficiency that believe they will live after they die, and the same “guts” that hate and kill for the veneration of their vision and version of an invisible guy who lives in the clouds- that can dehumanize others for their own avaricious gluttony..

It’s especially hard when you find out that people who you once presumed weren’t total imbeciles stand naked without their social justice garb..

Though Paine’s “Age of Reason” was published over 200 years ago apparently it could take another 200 for us to see as he did how truly debauched and corrupting the combination of nationalism and religion he spoke of can be.

It sure ain’t gonna happen this week even if the pathetic substitute for full civil rights in HB 444 should be enacted. But if you feel like trying you can email testimony to with “Testimony to JGO for Feb 24 9 a.m. hearing on H.B. 444, HD1 Relating to Civil Unions” in the subject line.

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Katy said...

You know, the only solace might be that in twenty years emails like the one you quote will seem as crazy to the majority as the anti-"miscegeny" screeds of yesteryear seem to most people today.