Friday, March 27, 2009


BITE ME: We really should end the week with an emotionally satisfying rant suggesting the bigoted, homophobic, red-shirted troglodytes to shove their jesus and bible up their sociopathic asses so there won’t be room for that army of big hairy phalluses they apparently fear so much.

After all, it’s as obvious as it was a decade ago that you can’t fight the religious passion of mentally ill, deluded, heterosexual degenerates with clear rational logic and calmly reasoned arguments for civil rights.

The fact that “our side” didn’t use this kind of appeal to irrational fears was apparently the downfall of this year’s civil rights battle, just like it was last year in California.

We should have known- clear headed intellectual appeals to “do the right thing” are sooooo 60’s retro.

But blaming the hoodwinked mob for the legislature’s capitulation to hatred and bigotry out of fear for their political careers is to relieve them of the responsibility- and hopefully accountability at the polls- for their shameful acts.

Much in the aftermath has us shaking our heads in disbelief more than at the disgusting abandonment of principle by weasels like Senate President Colleen Hamabusa and her spineless lockstep sycophants.

One of the weirdest claims we’ve read from legislative insiders is that the amazingly fearless Kaua`i Senator Gary Hooser somehow led the battle against ignorance and discrimination in order to somehow further his political ambitions after he announced early this year that he was going to run for lieutenant governor next year.

This claim comes from the self same politicians who claimed they were voting against civil unions because the majority of their constituents were against it.

What are we a bunch of freakin’ idiots? Even if they missed the only scientific poll- which showed massive support for the civil unions legislation- how can they say Hooser was doing it for political gain when they’d have to actually believe that he would lose the votes of that majority opposition through his actions?

We’ve known Gary for 25 years and have rarely if ever been disappointed in any of his actions either on the Kaua`i county council or in the senate- and that’s not something we can say about any other elected official other than Representative Mina Morita.

It has truly boggled our mind as to how he’s been able to pull it off with all the petty little prevaricators and pissants he works with and move into a leadership position to boot.

Which is why we and many other on Kaua`i are in large part hurt that we will certainly have someone of a lesser character as our senator after November 2010.

Many can’t see why someone who has been able to remain principled and effective as a legislator would want to move into any administrative post, much less one that is as useless as an appendix.

The only explanation we can come up with is that maybe he’s just fed up with the stupidity and arcana of his “colleagues” in the Hawai`i state legislature.

Anyone who follows legislative matters has at one time or another been frustrated to the point of tears at the casual acceptance of the inane committee system that perverts the will of the people and even the body year after year after year and the pay-to-play campaign finance laws that perpetuate the inertia.

Allowing one legislator to subvert the will of the majority is the antithesis of democracy in a legislative body. Yet when push came to shove, respect for this corruption and power mongering was shamelessly cited by the senators- the ones who voted no but claimed to actually support civil unions- for refusing to “pull” the bill out of the deadlocked committee.

And yet there’s a shocking silence and distinct lack of outrage in the press- mainstream and otherwise- about the process that led to the ridiculous “only in Hawai`i” denial of civil unions.

The veil has now been lifted on these homophobic slimeballs’ claims that they just wanted “marriage” to be keep from those who have sex differently than they think everyone should.

It’s become painfully obvious they are bent on punishing those who don’t accept their interpretation of a fairy tale penned by cave men as being the literal one-and-only truth.

No other state has, when pressed, denied civil unions with full equal rights for all, even those that, like Hawai`i, constitutionally ban same gender marriage. As a matter of fact the supreme courts of other states have said that the state may constitutionally ban non opposite gender marriage but MUST provide for the same state granted entitlements and benefits for all when doing it.

It’s apparently time to take up the Hawai`i courts’ time again with such a case now that the public knows that asking the legislature to grant equal protection is as useless as reasoning with those with a religious stick up their collective asses.

The concept of “civil unions” is a discriminatory watered down version of the equal right that true marriage. It would certainly seem a no-brainer to get the government out of the marriage business all together and let the babies have their bottle. Let the bible thumpers pervert the minds of their own adherents.

The only protected class that is actually proscribed by a “lifestyle choice” is the one that’s kuleana of the brainless twits who believe the earth is 6000 years old and that people used to live 900 years and live inside fish.

If they want to warp the minds of those who made the choice to join up, well, we’ll all just have to be tolerant of those who “dare to be stupid”.


LoF said...

Andy, as I briefly mentioned in my latest blog, I found all of the hysteria-based commentary on the "slippery slope" of recalling the bill from committee hauntingly familiar to the hysteria-based commentary on the "slippery slope" of gay marriage. It was like everyone knows how totally ignorant the homosexual panic looks so they've moved to the recall panic. I pray to the God of politicians that Gary's failure is part of some more clever strategy of the Senate to pass the fucking thing minus the heat from the neocons. Of course, if they recalled it the day after the committee meeting, we wouldn't be contemplating the truth of the legislature.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Andy you have a gift for words!

As a Honolulu resident, I want to thank Kauai folks for sharing Gary with us.


I can't discern any "clever strategy" behind the Senate's actions. I know a lot of Senators are kind of shocked to find out where they ended up after the vote. They hadn't expected to end up portrayed as enemies of civil rights for ANY group, including gays. A number of them are upset at Hanabusa as a result for her sloppy "leadership" on the matter.

If there is any attempt to pass a bill on the subject this session, it will because so many are feeling guilty and exposed, not because they had a strategy from the start.

what_just_happened said...

woo-hoo Andy! Your use of subtlety and nuance are unparalleled! :) I am framing this one - it is so true!

And yes, koleaula - we love our Gary. Glad we can share!