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ALTERNATIVE REALITY: Monica Alves, the “lap dancer” we mentioned yesterday in providing a brief synopsis of the “concerted conspiratorial effort” to remove former Police Chief KC Lum was, as anyone who has read Chapter 3 of KPD Blue knows, later arrested and convicted of killing her niece Kimberly Washington Cohen.

The only version of “facts” that we’ve ever encountered are the official ones as author Anthony Sommer detailed in his Kaua`i best-selling book that we serialized here (see left rail) last year.

Until recently.

According to Sommer, after she was molested at the station house:

Alves sued the KPD and the county for sexual harassment and received a $250,000 settlement, a measure of how desperately Kauai County wanted (and still always wants) to avoid a potentially humiliating public civil trial.

Most of the money Alves was paid by Kauai County went up her nose and into her arms in the form of drug purchases.

The settlement contained a confidentiality agreement that was insisted on by Kauai County and that was totally illegal. Settlements paid by tax dollars are supposed to be public record.

But, there is much in Kauai County that is supposed to be public that Kauai County government keeps secret. And no one, certainly not the Hawaii news media, challenges Kauai County in court.

Shortly afterward, Alves and her husband Mitch Peralto were convicted of the brutal torture and murder of Alves’ niece, a KPD drug informant.

Four adults at the house where the victim was being held witnessed the couple beat, bind and gag Kimberly Washington Cohen, 23, and drive off with her in their car on July 11, 1997. The witnesses did nothing.

It was only later, when the owner returned home, that the police were called.

Apparently, Alves knew Washington Cohen was a confidential informant (although KPD records showed she never provided them any useful information) and believed she had tipped off the police. KPD vice officers had stopped Alves and searched her for drugs.

While beating Washington Cohen, Alves tried to seal her lips shut with fingernail glue, telling her, according to a witness, “You’re never going to be able to talk again.”

The four witnesses watched Alves and Peralto bind Washington Cohen’s arms, ankles and breasts, gag her mouth so tightly “her face was deformed,” duct-tape a blanket over her head and torso and drag her struggling into the back seat of their car and drive away.

The next day, police found the woman’s body in a shallow grave less than a mile from the house where she had been beaten. The cause of death was suffocation.

Alves, sobbing when she heard the guilty verdict, and Peralto were convicted and sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole.

If Monica Alves, from her prison cell, is aware of all the twisted turns KPD has taken ever since her arrest for lap dancing, she must be laughing at all of them.

That’s the official version. But last month on November 22 an unknown reader using the name “Rob” left a comment on Chapter 3 that, after careful consideration, we’ve decided to bring forth so our readers will see it.

It should be stressed that we have no idea if what (s)he says is true. As a matter of fact we have no reason to believe it is. However knowing Kaua`i and the state of the police department and judiciary- in terms of both things we’ve reported and things we cannot yet report because we’re still trying to sort out and confirm the “facts” in the allegations- it’s entirely within the realm of possibility and, all things considered, we equally have no reason to believe it’s false.

The three comments by “Rob” are followed by another anonymous comment from someone who calls him or herself “jake lee” and is addressed to “Rob”.

Again- the allegations contained in the comments below are fully unconfirmed and are the allegations of - for all intents and purposes- an anonymous reader and should not be taken as fact, only as an allegation that might be another version of Alves’ saga.


Rob said...

Since I have gotten to know Monica Alves personally by meeting her in prison, I have become thouroghly (sic) convinced by her testimony and the huge amount of Police evidence that she is and was totally inocent (sic) of the murder of Kimberly.

That the police had the larger hand in the matter and that witnesses were bribed and/or threatend (sic) by the Kauai police for their testimonies.

Monica was in police custody before, during and after the murder occured (sic).

Police informants were in the house at the time of Monica's confrontation with Kimberly. They did nothing.

Monica had already left the house before Kimberly was abducted

Did the Police set the whole murder up to retaliate against Monica for winning her lawsuit against them for raping her?

Why were witnesses rewarded with money and a Harley Davidson motorcycle for their testimonies?
November 22, 2009 9:16 AM

Rob said...
Monica said to the Police when she was arrested "Why don't you arrest her too? She's the one who started the fight!" Monica did not know that Kimberly was abducted! or even missing when the police arrested Monica at her hotel. The car was taken in for evidence and thouroughly (sic) searched only to find absolutely no evidence of Kimberly's being in that car. Who was set up by whom?

November 22, 2009 9:59 AM

Rob said...
Coroners reports show timeline to coincide with Monica's incarceration time. It also show no evidence of glue substances as witnesses claim. Who set up Whom? Witnesses recieved (sic) rewards.
November 22, 2009 10:02 AM

jake lee said...
Hey Rob, i have known monica since 2000, and i know that she's locked up in pikeville ky. because i have been there. i also know that she is in for murder and kidnapping, originally without parole, and now with the courts blessing, with the chance of parole. the bottom line is, she wont get parole for at least 30 years from the time of incarceration, which means 2028! let her go my friend, let her go.

December 9, 2009 12:31 AM

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Kgirl said...

Hey Rob... How's this one...the Harley Davidson bike was bought by Mitch, Monica's husband, and given to one of his friends before any crime had taken place. So tell me this...according to Monicas story she told you, the bike was given in her husband gave the bike to his friend as payment to testify against them??? Don't always be so easy to believe such stories you hear in jail.