Thursday, January 7, 2010


CAUSE IT’S ONE, TWO, THREE STRIKES YOUR OUT: The joke is probably a lot older than 35 years but on the “original” Saturday Night Live there was a sketch right after the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant leak that has always been one of our favorites especially when watching the machinations of government.

Seems the only guy who knows anything about the local nuke plant system is going on vacation and won’t be able to be reached. He leaves the crew with one instruction: “Remember you can’t put too much water in the reactor.”

After he leaves the crew starts to talk about the instruction and of course there evolves a split as to what exactly he meant by that cryptic order.

One faction assumes he meant that they should be careful not too put too much water in the reactor. The other says “no”- it means that it impossible to put too much water in so they should keep putting in more and more.

After much irrational discussion the dunderheads decide that rather than picking one interpretation they should do the one thing guaranteed to cause problems and they simply drain all the water from the reactor.

We bring this up because of news that the mental midgets in the legislature have decided that, what with budget matters coming up in a non-budget year- potentially pushing aside consideration of the usual second-session-of-the-cycle legislative matters- rather than either extending the session or using the shortened recess they announced the other day to deal with all the work, they will indeed actually cut the session short by a week because "we want people to focus on the major issues and not be distracted" according House Democratic leader to Blake Oshiro (D, Aiea-Halawa).

Obviously you can’t put too much time into legislating.

Of course this would have nothing to do with the fact that this is an election year with Senate President Coleen Hamabusa running for the open congressional seat in a special election, to be scheduled, most likely, for shortly after the session ends.

Just buy yourself some peanuts and Cracker Jacks and enjoy the show. Be it SNL, the ’62 Mets or the Hawai`i State Legislature, like Casey Stengel we gotta ask once again - “can’t anyone here play this game?”.

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