Tuesday, March 9, 2010


VOTE FOR TENBRUGGENCATE, GEGEN AND BAIN: This year’s Kaua`i Island Utilities Co-op (KIUC) Board of Directors election presents a thus far unique opportunity to fill the three open slots with three smart, independent, alternative energy advocates.

That’s why we unequivocally urge you to vote for Jan TenBruggencate Pat Gegen and returning Director Carol Bain.

TenBruggencate is one of the smartest and most knowledgeable people we know. His expertise in the environmental, energy and science fields has a 30 years paper trail in doing an impeccable job of covering that beat- as well as Kaua`i in general- as the Kaua`i Bureau Chief for the Honolulu Advertiser.

His integrity is beyond reproach and, most importantly at KIUC, he doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Those years as a journalist have left him a quick study with the ability to find and understand complex scientific information. He has the background to separate the corporate model double-talk from the reality. Check out his Raising Islands blog to get an idea of his depth of knowledge in the energy field and today’s post for his “platform”. We’re rally lucky to have him on the ballot

Pat Gegen has walked the talk on alternative energy in going through the process to put up his own windmill at his home and was an advocate for the bill that would ease the process. He’s smart and an independent thinker who will be another voice for getting KIUC off fissile fuels and into supporting- instead of discouraging- home generation.

Carol Bain has fought for the transparency that would enable better and more effective member participation for the past last three years as well as advocating for renewable carbon-free generation.

The election of TenBruggencate and Gegen to join her and board member Ben Sullivan, will finally give members enough clout to turn around the for-profit model and mentality that still pervades the group-think of the majority on the board and make KIUC a true member-driven co-op.

One note- whatever you do DO NOT vote for corporate shill and good old boy for Allen Smith who has served the powers that be for decades and is an impediment to change.

This year’s KIUC election presents a great opportunity. Fill out and mail your ballot today and if you don’t have one seek out those who do and ask them to elect these TenBruggencate, Gegen and Bain.

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