Tuesday, August 31, 2010



(PNN) -- The clear choice for Mayor of Kaua`i is Diana LaBedz and PNN is happy to endorse a candidate whose positions reflect many of the aspirations of the environmental, sustainability and controlled growth community.

Yes we could say we’d vote for a potted plant rather than reinstall the crony-addled incompetent and corrupt administration of Mayor Bernard Carvalho. His reign has been an exercise in perpetuation of the old boy political machine, perfecting the “fire, ready aim” style of his predecessors by filling jobs- even civil service positions- as well as boards and commissions with special interests, political supporters, campaign contributors and other assorted hacks and operatives with no regard for skills or even competence.

But despite her inexperience in the world of politics, in LaBedz we have the opportunity to elect a truly dedicated progressive who has been a decades-long advocate for many of the kinds of changes we seek to grow Kaua`i in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive and socially responsible manner.

LaBedz has pledged to use the current laws to protects our oceans, beaches and reefs, a passion of hers for years. She supports the “zero waste” concept for dealing with our festering solid waste management crisis. She will oppose the growth of the GMO industry and instead support the perpetuation of pesticide-free, organic farming.

She supports passage of a measure similar to the one passed on the Big Island that would make cannabis enforcement the lowest priority for the police and would seek a federal permit to grow industrial hemp offering new industry creating many jobs.

She has pledged to focus on creating opportunities for clean carbon-free energy and opposes an incineration plant.

We always say we wish we had someone to vote for who has these kinds of values. As Diana says, her only “special interest” is “the health of the island, it's people and our planet”. As a matter of fact, she is not soliciting campaign contributions which is certainly a breath of fresh air.

Diana LaBedz has given us a real choice. On September 18 please support Diana LaBedz and make her our next mayor.

(For more information on her positions check out her campaign web site.)

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