Wednesday, April 30, 2014


WE SHOULD BE TOGETHER: You've gotta be baffled at today's Civil Beat article on the Center for Food Safety's new office in Hawai`i and the tome's "Follow the Money" angle.

The point is what? That a public interest group is successfully raising money to fight the attempts by the chemical biotech industry to adulterate and control our food supply and spray it with more and more poisons?

Oh noooo- someone is challenging the pesticide purveyors and promoting sustainable agriculture and healthy food. And they're successfully raising money to do it. Katy bar the door.

Or is the point that a tiny percentage of CFS's money comes from people who are actually producing healthy foods? Perish the thought that organic farmers and stores should support organic farming. And how dare some of them get so big, because people want to eat healthy food, that they can afford to give CFS money?

Because we all know that, given the choice people eschew healthy eating for toxic "Frankenfoods."

Just why do you think it is that all these consumer protection groups are donating money? Could it be because people overwhelmingly want to eat healthier foods? Oh those evil foundations- protecting the public interest when we all know money should only be used to make more money and nothing else... what are they some kind of communists?

Sarcasm aside and pesticides and despoilment of the lands notwithstanding, no matter how many times the chemical and biotech industry repeats "the Big Lie"- that eating genetically modified foods is proven to be safe- their inability to follow basic scientific precautionary principles or produce their supposed "studies" in full (just try to find a link to one of them at Monsanto's web site) belies those claims... not to mention their well-documented revolving door control of the FDA and the massive funding of virtually all major university agricultural research.

Apparently they're not fooling anyone as evidenced by the millions raised by CSF.

To read the article you get the feeling that even the most virulent of industry shills like Jon Entine apparently accept the anti-GMO movement's characterizations except they try to play the print equivalent of scary music in the background while calling eating healthy food "elitist." Is that your best argument- "if I have to eat poison, you have to eat poison?".

The fact is that healthy, pesticide-free, heirloom, unpatented foods are not really much more expensive any more and the prices are becoming more and more the same every day. What keeps them a little more expensive is not the cost of producing them organically but industry propaganda that seeks to maintain their patents on our food supply by convincing farmers to stick with the corporate program. Just ask Wal-Mart which has recently announced that it has discovered it's more profitable to switch than fight.... and to do it at the same prices

Yes, to quote a the popular song from the 60's- "Everything that say we are, we are- and we are very proud of ourselves."