Thursday, February 14, 2008


DA DINGO ATE YO’ BABY: Tell ya who killed that Samoan baby at the airport-
it was all of you who freaked out like an ant hill after a kid set off a firecracker in it on 9/11.

We created government goons like this when we looked the other way, if not encouraged, this kind of behavior. We decided it was ok to detain anyone for no reason at all except suspicion of being suspicious. But when they abuse their power with people under their control..- most of the time brown people- we tell them they don’t need an excuse to abuse anything or anyone anymore.

Nothing changed after 9/11 except that people went crazy over crazy people. Every time we think of these crazy people- whether the college shooters or the religious crusader or jihadi- we act crazy and want more protection “no matter what you have to do”.

We laugh and say “don’t even tell me what you have to do” (and they take that tortuously seriously) and at the same time let the concept of “probable cause to search and seize” becomes a remnant of a 4th amendmedimensional imagination.

So we go crazy too. We let our local uniformed protectors swear in some pretty crazy people themselves- the natural goon, the guy with a “zeal” for the job... the one that used-to-be a wanna-be. Usually policing authorities try to weed out those kinds, sometimes using $10,000 instant lie detector [link to 2/14 Advertiser article]. . .But lately those guys are not only let in but the first to be promoted, especially at the federal level.

The prophesy has been achieved- we have neither rights nor security since we forsook the former for the latter. And that dead baby is the result.

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