Saturday, February 16, 2008


INHUMANE SOCIETY: From the black heart of Mayor Bryan Baptiste
comes word (3rd item) of a Honolulu style pogrom, rousting the hoards hard working local people and poor souls who have been forced to live at Hanama`ulu Beach Park- due to his polices- so it can be “cleaned up”.

As predicted, Baptiste's “leadership from the heart” campaign slogan has long since been replace by “from the wallet” in an administration whose lap-dog Planning Director Ian Costa has fast tracked million dollar homes, whose his County Housing Agency that created unaffordable, cramped, city-style, for-sale “affordable housing” for those well-heeled pioneers who need it least, leaving de-unionized hotel and big-box plantation wage slaves tripled up at their parents house if they’re lucky and at Hanama`ulu if they’re not.

While the council winks and nods to the Board of Realtors’ plan to rent residential housing to tourists at triple the affordable rate- keeping those who can’t eke out 140% of the median income even with two people working four jobs a piece living at the beach- old-boy skein Bryan has pulled a Mufi and decided to “clean up” the chief homeless encampment on Kaua`i without any place for them to for the rush-constructed, highly-touted “homeless shelter” in the old courtrooms and holding tanks at the former courthouse, which is already exploding at the seams and has a waiting list as long as the faces of those hard-working folks who have been forced to live in Hanama`ulu.

From what heart Bryan?- the one that pumps dirty dishwater for the local people who you’ve made vulnerable to your dumb growth policies?

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