Monday, September 7, 2009


SLICK ‘N’ SICK: One of the benefits of temporarily losing all but a tortured ability to type is that it’s freed up lot’s of reading time.

Today we perused the latest entry by Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone, the premier writer of political discourse of our times.

In Sick and Wrong: How Washington is Screwing Up Health Care Reform- and Why It May Take a Revolt To Fix It he details the five ways Obama and the congressional Democrats took the long sought single payer solution to the insurance-company-scam heath care and turned it into “more dogshit”.

After detailing all the excruciating machination he sums it up saying:

To recap, here's what ended up happening with health care. First, they gave away single-payer before a single gavel had fallen, apparently as a bargaining chip to the very insurers mostly responsible for creating the crisis in the first place. Then they watered down the public option so as to make it almost meaningless, while simultaneously beefing up the individual mandate, which would force millions of people now uninsured to buy a product that is no longer certain to be either cheaper or more likely to prevent them from going bankrupt. The bill won't make drugs cheaper, and it might make paperwork for doctors even more unwieldy and complex than it is now. In fact, the various reform measures suck so badly that PhRMA, the notorious mouthpiece for the pharmaceutical industry which last year spent more than $20 million lobbying against health care reform, is now gratefully spending more than seven times that much on a marketing campaign to help the president get what he wants.

Don’t miss the details- if you don’t have one already it’ll give you a pre-existing condition.

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