Sunday, September 20, 2009


CAN’T YOU SHUT THAT DOG UP?: Police Commissioner Tom Iannucci’s letter to the editor in Sunday’s local paper shows once again why many believe he is a disgrace to KPD and the commission.

As we’ve seen over and over in his writings and statements, excuses and attacks are his MO when it comes to responding to citizen’s concerns. Rather than acknowledge these concerns, try to mitigate the problem and work toward an understanding on all sides, he consistently exacerbates the situation, ignoring the actual complaint by hurling red herrings and belittling the person with unwarranted personal attacks.

Rather than deal professionally with citizen’s criticisms, like a drunk in a barroom fight he ratchets up the rhetoric with fighting words.

And this is a guy who is supposed to represent the public as a liaison with the department- one of those who adjudicates official complaints. If this is also his attitude toward complaints when the commission goes behind closed door how can the public have any confidence of impartiality and due diligence when many of these complaints are “not sustained”?

It’s a good thing most of our fine Kaua`i officers on the beat respond to calls as the “peace officers” we expect them to be and when confronted with macho kooks like Iannucci they take things down a notch, cooling things off rather than throwing gasoline on the fire.

It’s time for Iannucci to resign- or if not, be removed- and to stop setting the worst of examples for the department. Until he does, Chief Perry’s statement that “the days of KPD Blue are behind us” will ring hollow whether they actually are or not.


Ace Harbinger said...

That's PASTOR Iannucci, to you. Feh.

- A.H.

KimoRosen said...

Andy, I total agree with you concerning the Pastor Police commissioner... Aloha kimo

Anon333 said...

KimoRosen's original letter proved that all he really has to offer is evidence of Micken's disease -- an uncontrolled desire to see his name in print.

Katy said...

Rosen's letter is beside the point.

What is remarkable is that even the most innocuous public criticism elicits the belligerence of an official who should be able to demonstrate a mature ability to accept it.

The police department is the single most coercive public institution we have. That is why it is so important that the representatives of the department or the commission NEVER use their authority to stifle debate and dissent.

Anon333 said...

Iannucci has no power or authority. If you're intimidated by some good ole boy calling you a whiner, you're either a whiner and have taken note of the constructive criticism or far too thin skinned to enter a public debate.

Anonymous said...

This is a dangerous man and an impediment to real accountability at KPD. His position requires fairness and impartiality. You would never see a judge write such a letter to the editor. Mr. Ianucci not only writes letters that scream "I am not fair or impartial." He actually signs them with his title as police commissioner! And he also signs a minister! So now, if you dare say something that offends him - the police and God both hate you (per Ianucci) - and one of them has a taser! He did something like this before ... what was it? Some terrible lashing out a juan Wilson. This angry cheerleader with a gun type bias in favor of whatever KPD does, every time - cannot be what we should expect from a neutral police commissioner.

Plus I've always believed in my adversary's right to free speech, and somehow I extra resent the fact that the police commissioner-ordered to cease criticizing KPD was directed at Kimo Rosen. I hate Kimo Rosen's letters, almost universally, but please - a finger in your chest, island-wide dressing down from the deadly-force and God-loving cop minister seems just way excessive. Worse, it implies that the public should not "meddle" with KPD - because surely that organization has shown time and time again how able it is to police itself :).