Friday, August 27, 2010


TAKIN’ IT TO THE STREETS: What do you do when you are waging war with those who “buy ink by the barrel”.

The questionable judgment it shows in perpetuating the conflict aside, Prosecutor Shaylene Iseri-Carvalho has decided the best course is to take her show on the road.

Apparently the next parry in her battle with local newspaper reporter Paul Curtis is her announcement of a series of six “community meetings” in September and October at various neighborhood centers around the island.

A poster she’s distributing reads:

Pono Kaulike
Equal Rights and Justice for All
Community Meetings
Have any questions for the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney? Our office will be holding six Pono Kaulike community meetings in September and October at the following locations

5:30-7:30 p.m.

Kapa`a Neighborhood Center Thursday September 2
Koloa Neighborhood Center Thursday September 9
Lihu`e Neighborhood Center Tuesday September 14
Kekaha Neighborhood Center Wednesday September 29
Waimea Neighborhood Center Thursday October 7
Kilauea Neighborhood Center Friday October 15

Come learn more about our office and ask questions to (sic) our experienced attorneys.

It’s hard to fathom Iseri’s thought processes sometimes and when she gets all riled up it’s really a hoot to try.

As a result of her hostilities with Curtis, the biggest criticism of Iseri’s office- rightly or wrongly- is that they don’t seem to spend enough time preparing their cases and, due to “limited resources”, the ones they choose to prosecute aren’t the more serious ones... or at least the ones that matter most to the community.

So what does she do? She takes her whole office out on the road to spend the time they could be spending prosecuting the “bad guys” to do a PR talking tour in order to placate those making these kinds of complaints.

Plus, for those who have had the Iseri experience, she isn’t exactly the most enchanting and charismatic of figures in person often electing “fingernails on the blackboard” reactions even from those who agree with what she is saying.

Perhaps she thinks that she’s god’s gift to public speaking after winning an open council seat based on how big her family is or running unopposed in her prosecutor’s race. Perhaps she believes her own publicity.

Either way we urge anyone looking for a rousing evening of entertainment to attend one of these session. You can be sure Paul Curtis will.

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