Thursday, August 5, 2010


READ ‘EM AND WEEP: The latest candidate campaign contribution filing reports are in and newcomer to the race for Kaua`i county council Nadine Nakamura leads the chase for cash with a whopping $35,505.56 raised so far, followed closely by former Mayor and Councilmember JoAnn Yukimura who has taken in a total of $29,751.00 raised this election cycle.

But to no one’s surprise, the deepest war chest in the county is that of Mayor Bernard Carvalho who has raised over a quarter of a million dollars collecting a total of $253,082.23.

His opponent Diana LaBedz did not file a report.

In the council race former Councilperson Mel Rapozo raked in a cool $14,289.20 followed by incumbents Derek Kawakami, Dickie Chang and Tim Bynum with $13,602.36, $10,370.00 and $7,775.00 respectively, second time candidate Kipukai Kualii added $7,757.39 to his coffers, current Council Vice Chair Jay Furfaro raised $7,300.00 and former Planning Commissioner Theodore Daligdig III brought in $3,700.00.

The rest of the county council candidates either did not file a report or raised less than a hundred dollars. Carvalho’s opponent Diana Lebedz did not file a report.

Below is a quick look at the finances of each candidate. The totals may be misleading due to loans with are counted against cash on hand.

For this chart we used common terms but they indicate official categories as follows:

“Had”: “Cash on Hand at the Beginning of the Election Period”
“Raised”: “Total Receipts” without loans
“Spent”: “Total Disbursements” without “Unpaid Expenditures”
Unpaid Debt: “Unpaid Expenditures”
“Has” or “Debt”: Surplus/Deficit.

The flings are as of June 30, 2010 . The next filing is due in September. For more filing information details including the lists of contributors click on the candidates name below.

Carvalho, Bernard
Had $61,927.83
Raised $253,082.23
Spent $130,135.53
Unpaid Debt $10,954.84
Has $111,991.86


Bynum, Tim
Had $8,096.47
Raised $7,775.00
Spent $12,659.97
Loan $3,725.00
Debt $513.50


Chang, Dickie
Had $3,337.34
Raised $10,370.00
Spent $28,982.84
Loan $8,900
Unpaid Debt $5,000
Debt $25,850.18


Daligdig III, Theodore
Raised $3,700.00
Spent $1,200.14
Loan $3,000.00
Debt -$500.14


Fowler, Dennis
Had $100
Raised $0.00
Spent $0.00
Has $100


Furfaro, Jay
Had $718.99
Raised $7,300.00
Spent $7,511.36
Loan $18,500.00
Unpaid Debt $1,057.29
Debt $19,049.66


Justus, Edgar
Had $50.00
Raised $290.00
Spent $0.00
Surplus $330.00


Kawakami, Derek
Had $12,982.40
Raised $13,602.36
Spent $22,135.44
Unpaid Debt $11,897.14
Debt $7,447.82


Kualii, KipuKai
Had $7,916.41
Raised $7,757.39
Spent $10,321.14
Loan $6,047.25
Debt $694.59


Nakamura, Nadine
Raised $35,505.56
Spent $13,530.90
Has $21,974.66


Rapozo, Melvin
Had $2,935.96
Raised $14,289.20
Spent $11,840.38
Loan $5,000
Has $384.78


Taylor, Kenneth
Loan $2,820.03
Debt $2,820.03


Thronas, George
(filed 2/22/10)
Had $2,527.24
Spent $56.25
Has $2,470.99


Yukimura, JoAnn
Had $4,910.39
Raised $29,751.00
Loan $26,000.00
Debt -$23,402.79

(Note: This post has been edited to include the filing of Council incumbent Tim Bynum whose numbers were inadvertently omitted. We apologize for the omission.)

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