Friday, February 18, 2011



PNN is pleased to have the opportunity oust the three of the worst of the “good old boys” and support Pat Gegen, Ken Stokes and Kuulei Santos in the upcoming Kaua`i Island Utilities Coop (KIUC) Board of Directors election.

While the issues of smart, environmentally-conscious, alternative, cost-effective, non-carbon energy is the ultimate issue, of late it’s become clear that unless and until the board reverses their “gag rule,” which requires the board to speak with one voice, all the other issues will never be addressed- much less with proper member involvement.

In answer to questions posed by the local newspaper, Gegen has stated in no uncertain terms that :

I believe that the KIUC board needs to be more open and responsive to the member/owners. Currently board members are limited on how much they can reveal regarding their views versus the views of the board — this needs to change in order for the co-op to be a truly democratic and responsive organization.

We also believe that Stokes- a leader is energy issues for decades- and Santos will join Gegen in finally attaining a majority of true member representatives- as opposed to corporate shills David Iha, Teofilo “Phil” Tacbian, Peter Yukimura who primarily are responsible for the sorry state of our electricity coop.

We agree with our friend Juan Wilson who, in endorsing Gegen, Stokes and Santos wrote at his Island Breath web site:

New blood is needed at KIUC if it ever is to be a cooperative with the interest of Kauai residents as a priority, and based on the realities that are coming on fast. Instead of focusing on demand destruction, resilience and decentralization the KIUC board as kept to a path of centralization, continued debt and "reliability". That path leads to burning biomass, investment in another conventional power plant and long term reliance on high cost power.
Never has there been a clearer choice and never have we had the opportunity- joining with current board members Carol Bain, Jan TenBruggencate and Ben Sullivan- to form a “people’s board” and oust the current regime.

We urge you to join us in voting for a new energy future by marking your KIUC Board of Directors ballot for Pat Gegen, Ken Stokes and Kuulei Santos.


We’re venturing into the “unknown zone” and will be trepidatiously switching to another computer (yea). If for some reason things don’t go smoothly- and with our lack of computer skills that’s a distinct probability- we may miss a day here and there without notice in the coming week or so. Thanks for you patience.

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