Friday, February 25, 2011


YOUR HUMBLE SERVANT...: We’ve spent the week coughing up the rewards of a flu bug- so much for that shot- so we were planning on blowing off, not only our nose but, today’s post.

But we couldn’t resist this tidbit at the end to Wednesday’s council meeting.

Well, technically it was after the meeting during one of those certificate presentations that seem for some reason to be televised and captioned while interviews with prospective board and commission members, subcommittee meetings and budget hearings are banned from the airwaves.

We were barely able to get off the couch when the meeting itself ended and were barely hearing anything through our clogged noggin and so missed the name of the winner of the student film contest from Kapa`a whose “texting while driving” short was so nice they played it twice.

And when it was over Council Chair Jay Furfaro ventured that perhaps Councilmember Dickie “Mr. Wala`au” Chang- as he called himself on the ballot last November- could see his way clear to playing it on his “Wala`au” television program.

Seemingly oblivious to the County Code of Ethics, which among other things forbids him from using his position to promote his own private interests, Chang cut through the head-clutter and got our attention by replying that he’d be glad to air the video “on Wala`au which plays on Oceanic Time Warner, Channel 6, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 7 a.m., 12 noon, 4 p.m., 7 p.m. and 12 midnight.”

Dickie has always been known to have a sense of humility the size of a gnat knee but as usual just when you think you think you’ve seen it all, he reaches a new low of arrogant self promotion.

Perhaps that’s the reason he decided to get into politics- he’d run out of other ways to express his immodesty.

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