Thursday, March 10, 2011


DON'T IT ALWAYS SEEM TO GO: Politics just may be the one place where one can become overwhelmed with crushing ambivalence.

The rule is that elective office- especially legislative- is so corrupt by nature that even the truly enlightened and dedicated novice is

swallowed whole and spit back out a crook. But every once in a while that rare individual with the stomach for the stench can swim the turd gauntlet and emerge smelling like lavender and lilacs.

And when that rare individual attains enough fragrance to attract attention they are often tempted to crawl out of the cesspool and look around for a more rarefied air.

So it is that in losing Representative Mina Morita to the Pubic Utilities Commission and Senator Gary Hooser to the Office of Environmental Control, while we mourn for the loss we are excited for the potential that their proven strengths and skills may be utilized to assure a sustainable future in energy and the environment respectively.

But we really in a tizzy over the possibility of losing, not a politician but, an individual that is so unique on Kaua`i that he may be, for all intents and purposes, irreplaceable.

In case you hadn't heard Attorney Daniel Hempey has made the list for judicial nominees to the District Family Court of the Fifth Circuit.

For those not familiar with Hempey's work and why it's unique you've got to take a look at the rest of the law community on Kaua`i.

Kaua`i is and always has been awash in land use attorneys, representing developers great and small to navigate the labyrinth. If you ever expect to get one of those lucrative cases you'd better not be taking any cases defending against them.

In addition to Hempey's work as a criminal defense attorney par excellance- another thing that doesn't earn you very high marks among Kaua`i based members of the bar- Hempey has dared to take cases representing those who defend the `aina from potential abuse by those who come here with intent to despoil.

On one hand Hempey's fearless pro bono work with Kanaka Maoli sovereignty movement has been magnificent and might just make him irreplaceable. But on the other, the need for someone of Hempey's fearless temperament on the bench is tremendous, especially in light of the plethora of government and prosecutorial judicial appointments that we usually see in Hawai`i and Kaua`i.

So it's with even greater level of profound ambivalence that we ask you to send comments on Hempey's qualifications and character to Hawaii Chief Justice Mark Recktenwald.

Submittals must be postmarked, e-mailed, faxed or hand-delivered by March 18.

Via Mail: Mark Recktenwald; chief justice, Hawaii Supreme Court; 417 S. King St., Honolulu, HI 96813

Via E-mail:

Via Fax: 539-4703

As with Morita and Hooser while we're apprehensive about the possible "loss" of Hempey in his current arena we have to think that they know where they can best serve the community. All three have earned enough of our respect and trust that we're sure that while we're of two minds they can make the best determination of where to use theirs.

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scotty sagum said...

OK Andy! this one I CAN support. Dan has been great, Mina fantastic, Tokioka,kouchi and hooser are all self serving non-serving public servants