Tuesday, October 28, 2008


BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE: Well the scumbags on the fifth floor of the Capitol are at it again, this time with the inexplicable almost unfathomable attempted evictions of the `Ohana Kahana from Kahana valley.

But the heart wrenching genocide being performed by the Lingle-Thielen team was actually initiated and compounded by the bankruptcy of legal integrity at the hands of the last member of the triumvirate- the most corrupt attorney in Hawai`i, Attorney General Mark Bennett.

The same weasel who has perpetrated fraud after fraud on the community in the form of bizarre legal maneuvers and abusive and twisted interpretations of law has outdone himself this time by essentially changing the law through a new “interpretation”- and he did it quietly at the end of the last legislature when it was to late to introduce a bill to countermand his edict.

According to an article in a Honolulu paper yesterday’s about the massive gathering of kanaka and their supporters to try to prevent the evictions:

Several of the families to be evicted were promised leases, but a new interpretation of the law in March said the state could not issue any new leases.

Bennett’s move came after all new bills for the session legally had to have been introduced and apparently no one even knew about his “ruling” in time to make sure this one-man-legislature couldn’t pervert the process.

But although Bennett is the architect of this latest chapter in the genocide of the native people and their culture he could not get away with it without the complicity of the Hawai`i legal community.

It comes on the heels of two recent statements from Hawai`i Supreme Court Chief Justice Ronald Moon, one on racism and one on the dearth of- and new requirement for- pro bono work on the part of Hawai`i attorneys.

According to journalist-blogger Dave Shapiro Moon told the Hawai`i State Bar Association’s Young Lawyers Division.

“The diversity of America’s people has played a major role in making this country both strong and dominant,” Moon said. “Unfortunately, this same diversity has been the source of discrimination and bigotry — an ugly part of this country’s legacy that still exists today. And, even with our demographics, Hawai`i has not been immune from racially or ethnically charged events occurring here.”

But was Moon talking about the systematic genocide of the native people, committed by state administrations during his reign?

Are you kidding? According to Shapiro:

He cited racial incidents involving athletics at Radford High and Hilo high, racial comments that have tainted local jury trials, a Caucasian couple beaten in Waikele after the assailant referred to them as “f-ing haoles,” City Councilman Rod Tam’s reference to undocumented workers as “wetbacks” and the resignation of Rex Johnson as CEO of the Hawai`i Tourism Authority over racial slurs.

Then unfathomably Moon said:

“I have mentioned these cases and incidents to emphasize the continuing existence of, and the need to eliminate, negative stereotypes of certain minorities — which, in Hawai`i, ironically includes whites,”

Ironically includes whites?

The real irony here of course is Moon’s blindness to fact that these conditions were in part established by his courts’ refusals to hear all the legally legitimate claims brought by kanaka maoli over the years- claims brought in order to get back the rights and land they are legally entitled to from the whites who stole it.

Time after time fully documented claims are rebuffed by Moon’s Court of last resort at the behest of the occupying American nation in favor of the same rich land thieves who overthrew the Hawaiian nation more than a hundred years ago.

Yet he sees the outrage on the part of people- expressed in the form of hatred of a group perceived to be the bandits- as the racism that needs to be curtailed, rather than the type his court has perpetrated.

And of course his decrying of the lack of pro bono work earlier this year was directed at the indigent who need civil representation in personal cases. He had nothing to say about lawyers working for the public interest in cases where attorneys like Bennett abuse their power to subvert public policy.

As we’ve discussed before race bias and racism are arguably separate realities. Moon’s bemoanment is of race bias, the personal irrational hatred of all people of a certain race.

But the institutional support for white privilege that Moon epitomizes in his words and deeds are the real intractable racism and the fact that Moon can’t see it would be the funniest joke in the world if it weren’t the most serious and saddest of circumstances..

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awolgov said...

This was a great piece of writing you did, Andy.

This morning as I reading the about the collapsing shanty on Gulick Street, and the hideous, sinister landlord injecting tenants with an experimental concoction, I immediately thought about Lingle and her DIRECT causation of all this deviation of society. AND the fact that thereʻs no mention of her handiwork.

Moon is a another underling in the white manʻs world but theyʻve got him glorifying in his own stew, he doesnʻt even realize that he is also a victim/pawn in the ongoing racism of the likes of Lingle, Bennet, et al and should be smart enough to comprehend he is only an ʻhonorary whiteʻ. Yes, as they would still have it, their very own lackey, houseboy, manservant...take your pick. That applies to not only Moon.