Tuesday, April 6, 2010


COURTING DISASTER: Another day another charge of sexual harassment in government offices on Kaua`i this time at the state judiciary as reported in today’s local newspaper.

While the county has racked up at least three current sexual harassment suits- those of Kristan C. Hirakawa, Kathleen M. Ah Quin and Margaret (Hanson) Sueoka- as well as at least two thus far confidential Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) cases, every time we’ve reported on them we’ve heard from judiciary employees that the county’s penchant for hiring and protecting harassers is nothing compared to that of the state court system on Kaua`i.

So the suit against former Deputy Chief Court Administrator Ernest Barreira, comes as no surprise. The fact that he’s a “former” deputy and was, according to the suit, fired for his actions against Leanne Rosa speaks volumes as to the veracity of her claims as does the presence of a lawsuit which means that she has been granted “a right to sue” by the EEOC and the Hawai`i Civil Rights Commission (HCRC).

But, we thought, at least it’s not the county this time.

Until, that is, we read the penultimate paragraph in the newspaper story:

Barreira said in a brief telephone interview Monday that he is soon to begin a new job with the County of Kaua`i Department of Finance, as a procurement officer.

Are you freakin’ kidding? How many ways is that wrong?

First of all is the obvious liability given the guys history as a serial harasser as the suit alleges, which is exacerbated by the repeated failure of the county to do anything about it’s own complaints as we reported last December. The council has already appropriated untold dollars to fight the current suits and complaints and will probably be on the hook for huge settlements in some if not all of them.

But the question of how this guy got a civil service job in the finance department with a record of being fired and sued for harassment just further confirms the corrupt hiring practices of Malcolm “Mel” Fernandez’s Personnel Services Division as we’ve detailed here, here and here.

Looks like we’ll probably be paying for this too. Aren’t ya glad to be a Kaua`i taxpayer?


Unknown said...

i like work for him so i can sue his sad ass too. try pick up on me and he's got dirty lickin's coming big time.

Unknown said...

First off, you don't have all the facts about this story. You have taken what the media has given you and twisted it to fit your own ideas of what you "think" may have happened. Mr. Barreira could not be further from a serial harrasser. In the 23 years he worked for the state, he was never once accused of sexual harrassment...until now. Do you know why? Because Ms. Rosa has ulterior motives to destroy Mr. Barreira for past "wrongs" she thinks he committed against her family. If you knew either of them personally, you would see that what I am saying is the truth. Unfortunately, you seem to only suspect Mr. Barreira due to the media's negative portrayal of him. You will see that justice will prevail in the end, and Mr. Barreira will be acquitted of all these allegations. Shame on you!