Friday, April 16, 2010


IT’S NEWS TO US: We’ve pretty much given up on ever seeing- or hearing to be precise- daily, general, issue-oriented news and public affairs programming hosted by knowledgeable, competent, news-oriented programmers on Kaua`i Community Radio KKCR.

With the exception of Joan Conrow’s twice monthly hour-and-a-half of air time the “talk” time is limited to a minimalist schedule of either niche programs or opinionated blowhards who have no idea what’s going on in local politics and government- usually providing laughably inaccurate information for an audience that’s equally clueless.

So it’s gratifying to find out that the Hawai`i Public Radio (KHPR-FM) signal out of Honolulu is now reaching Kaua`i at 89.3 FM.

According to the Star Bulletin’s Erika Engle “The Buzz” column:

The "Challenge 2010" spring pledge drive now under way at Hawaii Public Radio is getting a boost -- literally -- from signal boosters that fill in the stations' coverage in areas where reception was previously difficult....

The enhancement for Honolulu stations KHPR-FM 88.1 and KIPO-FM 89.3 emanates from Mt. Kaala where the FM boosters are co-located "on a new mast," said HPR President Michael Titterton.

The 400-watt boosters were fired up Tuesday and are aimed at Kauai so listeners' ability to hear the signals on the North Shore of Oahu is a "collateral," but not unanticipated, benefit.

A Lihue resident contacted the stations yesterday, "thanking and congratulating us on the nice surprise that 89.3, which he had not previously been able to hear 'but always wanted to, is now coming (to Lihue) strongly and clearly,'" he said....

"We don't have any physical plant on Kauai," Titterton said, and have no immediate plans for such, as HPR is working to maximize its presence on Maui and the Big Island.

Its twice-yearly pledge drives are scheduled to go 10 days "and as we always do, we hope it's going to take considerably less time," said Titterton.

Now that KHPR’s signal is available here perhaps their reporters will be too, sooner rather than later, especially if contributors specify their desire to hear Kaua`i included in the kind of news and public affairs KHPR does and KKCR apparently is satisfied to give lip service to but can’t seem to move off the dime despite 10- plus years of “we’re working on it”.

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