Wednesday, July 7, 2010


LET’S JUST VOTE ‘EM OFF THE ISLAND: As we predicted two months ago the ACLU has immediately announced it’s filing suit on equal protection grounds after the also predicted veto of the civil unions bill by Governor Linda “Unified Command” Lingle.

It’s simply amazing that there are so many Neanderthals like those that Representatives Jimmy “Can’t Keep His Pants On” Tokioka and Roland “Ag Land Schmag Land” Sagum claimed to represent in voting against the bill.

But on Kaua`i the attitudes of a small group of committed bigots continues on their merry way to medieval days as also evidenced by the still rising number of sexual harassment suits and the growing number of governmental entitles that are involved.

You can add the feds to the list that includes the state judiciary and the county with the little hyped and buried news today (see last item) that:

The federal government has filed a sex discrimination lawsuit on behalf of a female firefighter employed at the Pacific Missile Range Facility on Kauai.

ITT Corp., a high-technology engineering and manufacturing company based in White Plains, N.Y., was named in the suit filed yesterday in U.S. District Court here by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

The commission says the woman was sexually harassed and then retaliated against for complaining about the harassment.

It said male co-workers and supervisors repeatedly made overtly sexual remarks and watched sexually explicit television programs and videos at work in the woman's presence.

Just as no one is shocked that a bunch of religion-addled yahoos have foisted their insecurities about their own dysfunctional sex lives on those that can actually have a successful relationship with members of their own gender, no one is surprised that these same ass-wipes think it’s not just ok but their biblical right to harass women as if they were chattel.

It’s a shame we have to put up with these provincial pisants but getting them to change their psychopathic ways- especially in light of the way they are actually protected by all three braches of government on Kaua`i- tells us that we’ll probably just have to take care of them actuarially.

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Unknown said...

Andy, there needs to be more raving and dialogue about the inhumane subjugation of women especially about the practice of stoning women to death who have extramarital sex and god knows what other restrictions are put on women in these places in the world where women are still expendable, chattel, fewer rights than animals.

Beautiful Sakineh may soon be buried up to her shoulders and rocks thrown at her head until she's dead for allegedly having extramarital sex.