Friday, July 9, 2010


WHICH WAY IS UP?: A friend of ours has a penchant for proclaiming “well this means the end of the world is coming soon” every time a bit of incongruous idiocy is performed by some government entity or official.

And our response is always to call him an “optimist” because in reality it never ends and in fact, the whirling sucking eddy caused by self-aggrandizing egoists will just keep on and on and on as we continue to slide indefinitely down the razor blade of life.

Latest case in point are reports of the decision by the local US Attorney to bust Roger Christie's "THC Ministry" on the Big Island along with 13 of his pakalolo promoting adherents even reportedly chartering a cargo plane to transport them all to Honolulu.

Don’t these sh*t-for-brains have anything better to do with our money than to worry about a bunch of pot smokers?

What kind of people get so riled up by the local Big Island ban on enforcement of pot laws that it keeps them up at night dreaming up ways to circumvent it?

While California stands poised to finally end prohibition through a ballot initiative officialdom in Hawai`i remains a backwater stuck in a reefer madness mentality that reeks of a money-grabbing scam to create busy-work for law enforcement no matter what society dictates.

Money for treatment and especially after care for methamphetamine abusers is conspicuously absent while we allow our pols to pour money down the toilet of interdicting innocuous herbs.

And even when people spend years to elect sensible local councils as the Big Island did the federal money trumps sensibility.

Perhaps worst of all may be the expected drivel from the beaten-down-before-they-begin crowd who will no doubt be crowing “well what do you expect- they threw it in the cops’ collective faces by openly claiming religious status- even opening a storefront in downtown Hilo”.

What do we expect?- how ‘bout a bit of freakin’ professionalism from those who are entrusted with wielding the judicial Sword of Damocles.

When it comes down to it, to jail a handful of hippies who worship at the peaceful alter of marijuana and allow a horde of repressive, oppressive genocidal, judeo-islamo-christian, fear-mongering snake oil salesmen to attach their toxic tax-free tentacles onto every facet of civilization is the utmost in moral societal hypocrisy.

Their and our friend’s oft-heard message that “the end is neigh” may be all that keeps these superstitious, magical-thinking adherents in their odd subconscious state of optimism. If so, it leaves us with the particularly gloomy thought that when all is said and done, hoping- or even working- for change may be the worst kind of pessimism of all.


Update: Check out the details today in Joan Conrow’s update to our Wednesday post on the EEOC sexual harassment suit against ITT and PMRF - apparently the retaliation goes back to an article she wrote about the complainant three years ago


Clarification: Councilperson Lani Kawahara voted with Councilperson Tim Bynum to use the county’s huge surplus to stop county furloughs which we reported on Tuesday.

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