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(PNN) -- In the wake of the unsolved murders of Amber Jackson in June and tourist Nola Rebecca “Becky” Thompson- whose body was found this morning after having been missing for the last week- the man alleged to be the “west side serial killer” is thought to be on the loose and living in Puhi according to a source who quoted Kaua`i County Administrative Assistant Gary Hue as telling her to “be careful” because of it.

Waldorf “Wally” Wilson was identified as the man thought privately by many- including privately some Kauai Police Department (KPD) officers- to be “the west side serial killer” in the book “KPD Blue” by former Kaua`i Bureau Chief for the Honolulu Star-Bulletin Anthony Sommer.

Waldorf "Wally" Wilson, taken 1/25/10 (provided by Department of the Attorney General’s Online Sex Offender Search)

According to an email circulated widely yesterday and obtained by PNN, a woman who asked not to be identified said that Hue told her that Wilson “is out of jail and apparently back on island” and, she says that, “apparently he rides a bike - targets middle-aged Caucasian women and is currently thought to be living in Puhi.”

But the administration got hold of the email and went into “damage control” and convinced the woman that because Wilson “was never convicted of any crimes here on Kaua`i and what I wrote about him borders on libel and slander”.

Saying she “committed a grave blunder and forgotten that all of us have rights and are innocent until proven guilty” the originator of the email said that “(t)he email I sent has gotten back to the office of the mayor and they are in damage control mode right now and I am the subject of this damage control. They do not wish to create widespread panic about this situation which I helped to create.”

According to KPD Blue’s Chapter 8- The Serial Killer which PNN serialized in 2008 (see left rail):

In the spring and summer of 2000 on Kauai’s west side, three white women were stabbed and sexually assaulted. Two died. The third was left for dead and so severely injured that it took her three hours to crawl to a telephone only a few yards away and call for help....

KPD detectives quickly identified a prime suspect but insisted they could never gather enough evidence to arrest or charge him.

The suspect’s brother was a veteran KPD officer....

On April 7, 2000, the battered body of Lisa Bissell, 38, was found in a roadside ditch near Polihale State Park on Kauai’s west side.... On May 22, 2000, a 52-year-old haole woman was beaten and stabbed in the yard of a remote Kekaha beach home where she was house-sitting... The third victim was found on Aug. 30, 2000, at her camp site near Pakala Point Beach, a popular surfing spot. She was identified as Daren Singer, 43, of Paia, Maui...

In early September, KPD detectives rounded up all 70 registered sex offenders on the island. They said they didn’t find any suspects but, of course, they had.

On Sept. 12, 2000, the KPD announced it had arrested a convicted rapist on a parole violation. The man’s name and mug shot were released through the mayor’s office.

The press release was almost instantly followed by another insisting the parole violator was in no way a suspect in the west side attacks and his only crime was violating the conditions of his parole.

The KPD was so vehement in pointing out that the man was not the serial killer, every editor in the state bought it. Except for one Honolulu television station, which used his name and broadcast his picture, all the “news executives” were frightened by the KPD’s threat of libel suits.

The next day, the KPD, through the mayor’s office criticized the lone television station that identified the arrested man for “irresponsible reporting.”

The television station was correct. It was the KPD that was lying. And the mayor’s office knew it but lying to the press was pretty much standard operating procedure. Next, Inspector Mel Morris, head of the investigations bureau, began dragging a red herring claiming, “KPD has not ruled out the possibility that there may be more than one person responsible.”

He said the man arrested is “unrelated to any of these cases. Any impression that might have been given that these cases are close to being solved is flat-out wrong.”

The arrested man was, of course, KPD’s primary, in fact only, suspect and (off the record, of course) they were certain he was the killer but they couldn’t prove it.

His name was Waldorf “Wally” Wilson, and his name and picture were all over the west side on anonymously printed flyers.

But the Honolulu media executives would not publish his name until two years later—and then only because Wilson filed a lawsuit against KPD, a newspaper and a magazine.

Wilson was convicted in 1983 of a brutal rape on Oahu. He was paroled on Jan. 9, 1999 and in January 2000 moved to Kauai. The attacks began three months later.

Wally Wilson’s brother was a KPD officer, Buddy Wilson, a long-time member of the Vice Squad known for his somewhat less than subtle tactics in investigating narcotics cases.

(Once again the circle that began with the Randy Machado trial looped back. Kelly Lau was a witness for Machado at his trial. Lau indicated quite clearly she was a confidential informant working for Buddy Wilson.)

All the while, KPD insisted Wally Wilson was not a suspect. For the next two years, the KPD engaged in tactics that Wally Wilson later claimed in his lawsuit violated his Constitutional rights.

But he was kept off the streets without ever actually being charged with any crime.

And there were no more attacks.

According to Wally Wilson’s lawsuit, KPD “coerced” him into taking a polygraph test on Sept. 12, 2000 and then “strongly pressured” the Hawaii Parole Authority to revoke Wilson’s parole. The results of the polygraph test were not given in the lawsuit.

A judge ultimately threw out Wilson’s lawsuit but by then KPD’s tactics were pretty obvious, as was its complete inability (or unwillingness) to bring criminal charges against him involving the three attacks.

Initially, Wilson’s parole was rescinded because he had been in contact with a woman on Kauai that his parole conditions specifically directed him to avoid. The revocation lasted until Feb. 28, 2002, when he was set free. On June 15, 2002, Wilson was again sent back to prison for violating his parole by failing a polygraph test.

To this day, KPD never has stated Wilson was a suspect at all in the West Side attacks. Yet every time he was released, his parole was violated on one technicality or another, and he was sent back to prison.

The problem is, Wilson has now “maxed out,” served the full term for his earlier conviction, and is back on the street. Since he no longer is on parole, he can’t be hauled in for parole violations.

The case of the one and only serial killer in Kauai’s history remains unsolved.

According to Wilson’s page at the Department of the Attorney General’s Online Sex Offender Search page, Wilson is 50 years old, 5’ 11”, 185 lbs with black hair and brown eyes with tattoos on his right shoulder and left ankle. Although it lists a Honolulu address that is from 2004.

According to the site Wilson was convicted of first degree rape, first degree sex abuse and kidnapping on July 26 1983.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for updating - was hoping you would! Can we reprint segments? Its important for local women and everyone to get as much info as possible.

Andy Parx said...

As always, non-commercial reprint with attribution and link is unlimited. Commercial reprint by arrangement

concerned said...
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concerned said...
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Andy Parx said...

You should see the picture of Mr. Wilson posted a few paragraphs in. Perpas you need to set your browser to see it. If not try clicking on the link to the state's sex offender web site.

And please- I know you are concerned... we all are. But please don't threaten anyone. I don't know who you are but google does and isn't shy about sharing it with the police.

Joan Conrow has some updates as to his whereabouts and about the law on registering as a sexual offender

concerned said...

I am not making threats. I am talking about self defense is all. I would NEVER attack anyone. I am more at peace with the whole situation today. I remembered that I -and everyone- needs to pray for this guy and the victims families....also, I have the photo, but thanks anyway...(that's how I thought I saw him.)

Here is my affirmation to all who I am frightened of or can't stand...

I love you, I forgive you I release you
-Louise Hay

It may not always work but it makes me feel better most of the time.

Unknown said...

Thanx Andy. I've been hearing about Wally Wilson for years here on the westside, but hadn't seen a photo of him before. Now I know who to look out for. I'm a middle-aged Caucasian woman and he has made Kaua'i a very different place for me--no more camping out or hiking without an entourage. How sad. I hope he meets justice, but as you've aptly pointed out, it's not likely with his brother's ability to cover everything up.

supaman said...

Can someone factually state that this man "is" acutally in Puhi? If this is proven as false, then there should be a public apology from Parx for his website missleading the public by false reporting. Also, if this person whomever he/she is that "saw" this person riding a bike in puhi, why didn't this person notify authorities and make a formal complaint if a crime has been committed? The thing about Kauai, is that it is so easy to generate a rumor and watch it snowball into a huge cluster of false allegations. Where are the facts? Facts are something that can be "proven" and opinions cannot be proven. Currently what I read in Parx's web...none is "proven facts" and thus far its all a mere allegation of heresay. Thus, this case is nothing but slander and libel of peoples character. Parx, is all i am trying to say, is how factual is your report? Can u prove this guy was even on Kauai before making allegations public record? And if the police is not saying that this guy "is" the west side serial killer, under what authority do you tag him as the west side serial killer.

Andy Parx said...


Although I’m usually hesitant to answer disingenuous trolling I’ll assume you are genuinely confused.

If you read the article you’ll see we merely quoted Gary Heu the Administrative Assistant-sometimes called the Vice Mayor- to Mayor Carvalho, certainly an authoritative source. Mr. Heu has not denied making the statement. We reported the FACT that he was quoted as having made the statement. If you doubt the veracity of the statement call Mr. Heu or the police.

I did not “tag” Mr. Wilson as anything. Again, if you read the article I’ve quoted the book KPD Blue by Anthony Sommer

As a follow-up, in her blog at “KauaiEclectic” reporter Joan Conrow wrote that she “was told that the police are still trying to confirm if Wilson is indeed on island, and if he is, he’ll be required to register with authorities and the sex offender website will be updated accordingly.” You can read more at:

We stand by our reporting.

supaman said...

According to the Sept. 10th G.I.,
...There was no evidence of wounds on the body, and nothing to lead police to suspect foul play was involved, the release states.

Thompson, 45, had reportedly recently broken up with her boyfriend, whom she was to travel to Hawai‘i with, and friends and family said she was DESPONDENT but decided to travel alone anyway.

And on Sept 13th publishing of the G.I., ... A preliminary autopsy report revealed NO signs of foul play and NO injuries were found that would have contributed to the death of Nola “Becky” Thompson, according to the Kaua‘i Police Department on Monday.

Mr. Parx, Why don't you follow up with the police and find out where was this person's where abouts on the time this event took place, if indeed he was on Kauai or not. Do the public a favor and find the truth because it seems like your web site is causing the public to be alarmed. And let me know your findings. I think facts should be gathered before making publishings which may prove to be other than facts and may cause such a public outcry (like the boy who cried "wolf"). If I were to call myself a professional reporter, I'd gather supporting details and add to the story. To your reply, it seems you went off someone else's word and did not bother to verify the findings of the person's where abouts and basically published one's opinions of his/her imaginative conclusions. Another words, if i wrote u an email that i died and went to heaven and came back to life, would u publish my story without first finding out if I was pronounced clinically dead?

supaman said...

@ Parx
Hey Mr. Parx, have you read the latest as posted by Joan Cronwell? Her latest story revealed that he wasn't even on island... what does this say about rogue writers like you that spread false rumors. As always, get your facts before spreading rumors. Just makes idiots like you look more like idiots, thats what happens when you bite on a "rumor"...Even TGI commented the reason why they never even wrote a story in the paper is because it was just that...a "Rumor" ! Rogue journalist that spread wild rumors and cause public alarm = poor journalism.