Friday, September 3, 2010



Neil Abercrombie is the best candidate for governor we’ve seen in a generation or two- perhaps ever- and PNN wholeheartedly supports his candidacy in the September 18 democratic primary.

While we have been severely disappointed with Neil for things like his support for war funding and the militarization of the islands along with his recent flip flop on off-shore oil drilling, he presents a genuine chance for the kind of progressive leadership we seek from the fifth floor of the capitol.

His opponent Mufi Hannemann is a master of corrupt “pay to play” politics and one of the sleaziest politicians in the political history of the islands. Mufi is a corrupt, ego-driven, heartless braggart and bully that could be actually somehow be worse for the state than current governor Linda Lingle.

He has managed to take an extremely popular idea, a rail system for the city and county, and turn it into a divisive project by insisting on a “my way or the highway” elevated design that has been rejected in almost every major city in the country of late- one designed to enrich favored developers and construction companies rather than one derived through good planning and a public-input-based buy-in.

His horrific rousting and demonization of the homeless of Honolulu makes the damage he could do to these poor souls as governor alarming. His penchant for dirty politics is legendary as is his fondness for surrounding himself with “yes-men” to carry out his policies designed only to further his political career.

While we’ve been around the block enough times to know that campaign promises don’t mean much, Abercrombie’s support for sustainable practices and a clean-energy future for the state along with his stand on civil rights and other issues makes him an obvious choice for governor.

While it does say something about the choices we are routinely faced with at the polls, Neil Abercrombie is the probably the best option for governor we’ve ever had on the ballot and we’re happy to support him.


Note: Because 14 of the 14 candidates for Kaua`i County Council will be moving on to the November elections we will NOT be picking council candidates for the primary elections.

(The date of the primary in the original post was incorrect. This version has been corrected)

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