Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We apologies for the “missing links” in our original post- this is the corrected version

Here’s the first printout results:

KAWAKAMI, Derek S.K. 6,380 9.3%
NAKAMURA, Nadine K. 6,316 9.2%
FURFARO, Jay 5,104 7.4%
YUKIMURA, JoAnn A. 5,031 7.3%
RAPOZO, Mel 4,572 6.6%
BYNUM, Tim 4,542 6.6%
CHANG, Dickie (Walaau) 4,013 5.8%
ASING, Bill (Kaipo) 3,242 4.7%
KUALII, KipuKai Les P. 3,235 4.7%
DALIGDIG, Ted III 2,531 3.7%
JUSTUS, Ed 1,894 2.8%
TAYLOR, Ken 960 1.4%
BIEBER, Rolf H. 923 1.3%
FOWLER, Dennis M. 629 0.9%
Blank Votes: 19,459
Over Votes: 5 0.1%


PLACE YOUR BETS: It’s finally over. After months of tortuous clashes and callous remarks we can finally and happily close the books on the 2010 campaign.

But enough about the way the Giants shocked the world with the kind of set ‘em down pitching that the Democrats could have used.

The story of politics this year, if you listen to the news (and how could you miss it?) is that, as usual, the American people are insane and, unlike Faye Dunaway in the famous “she’s my sister, she’s my daughter, she’s my sister, she’s my daughter”, Jack Nicholson face-slapping scene in “Chinatown”, they will never figure out that the Dummocraps and Repugnacan’ts are both “my sister AND my Daughter” and so vote with the persistent delusion they are changing something by selecting one group of corporate shills over the other.

Like the abused spouse we’ll be going back to that old relationship, falling for the old “oh, baby, baby, can’t you see I’ve changed” line and telling our current flame “well after all, (s)he didn’t beat me up as bad as you do.”

And like the lemming we are, we’ll bemoan all the money spent on “negative ads” all the way to the polls where we’ll vote for the one who spent the most money on the worst of them.

There’s so much loose cash floating around Hawai`i that this morning 1st congressional district candidate Colleen Hamabusa was putting spots on the “local insert ads” on CNN here on Kaua`i in the 2nd CD.

As usual the Honolulu TV stations will be ignoring the Kaua`i results tonight, as their reporters breathlessly read the results of the governor’s and 1st CD races off the anachronistically named “first printout” (they stopped “printing out” anything years ago) and withhold the fact that you can get the same thing they are reading from on line.

So if you get tired of waiting, the Kaua`i-only results are easy to find on line by going here. But a warning- during the primaries they had glitches galore and none of the actual results pages would load properly, especially on the second “print out”. If that happens today try going back to the main elections page and click back into the “2010 General Election –Results” banner at the top and then scroll down to either the Statewide Summary or County of Kauai buttons. You may even need to close your browser and try a new one if the “second printout” doesn’t load properly once it’s released.

The only way to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear tonight is to go to the “victory party” of the candidates with the biggest war chest and eat until you explode.

And don’t forget to “make plate”-you’ll be paying for it many times over for the next few years.

Finally, for those who are handicapping the race- especially for the 7th spot- here are the results of the “primary”.

Kaua`i County Council

1) Derek S.K. Kawakami, 10,284
2) Nadine K. Nakamura, 9,469
3) Joann A. Yukimura, 8,927
4) Jay Furfaro, 8,611
5) Tim Bynum, 7,802
6) Mel Rapozo, 7,527
7) Dickie (Walaau) Chang, 6,583
8) Bill (Kaipo) Asing, 6,433
9) Kipukai Les P. Kualii, 4,992
10) Ted Daligdig, III 4,522
11) Ed Justus, 3,100
12) Rolf H. Bieber, 1,856
13) Ken Taylor, 1,787
14) Dennis M. Fowler, 1,166

Kaua`i Mayor

Bernard P. Carvalho Jr., 13,026
Diana LaBedz, 2,548


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