Wednesday, November 24, 2010


SAIL AWAY: For we children of the 60’s it hard to think of Thanksgiving without thinking of it as a celebration of the “let the genocide begin” moment when European white supremacists commenced the treachery upon which the American nation is based.

Back in the days of the free speech movement and academic reform there was hope that perhaps at least some of our history might finally be rewritten from the viewpoint of the vanquished.

What fools these mortals be.

A handful of PBS documentaries notwithstanding, 21st century Americans have successfully reclaimed the vapid lack of conscience not seen since the '50’s

The 2010 American political landscape has somehow once again escaped reality, as many heartlanders once again circle the wagons and retreat into their delusions of the kind of “American Exceptionalism” that allowed them to smile as they killed in the name of their savior- and verily, smite the heathen nonbelievers.

The movement to ethnically cleanse any honest depiction of the county’s history from modern textbooks in places from Texas and Tennessee has matured into a full fledged movement to turn actuality on it’s head, allowing the truly deluded to think that they are indeed the oppressed who need to “take our country back” from the unwashed and unwanted brown hoards.

When we sit down tomorrow to engage in the truly American tradition of stuffing our faces with as much as we can stomach, try to think of every calorie as one of the vanquished, every mouthful as a people enslaved and slaughtered and every second helping a nation once again devoid of conscience.

Give thanks for your white privilege and “exceptional” greed and stupidity America. It’s at the head of the list of things you’ve got to be grateful for.

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