Friday, December 31, 2010


MEMO FROM TURNER: As we break out the new calendar we want to take this day to thank our many readers for their support- those who visit daily, those that drop in from time to time and those on our extensive email list.

If you’d like to receive Parx News Daily via email just let us know at gotwindmills (at) gmail (dot) com.

And more importantly we’d like to thank those who provide us with tips, stories and assorted leads. We couldn’t do this without you. If you have any information that you think is being squelched by local government or business interests or ignored by local media please let us know about it

But be prepared to answer the all important question- “how do you know that?” Don’t write (or call, we’re listed) and say “I heard that blah blah blah” and then tell us you can’t say any more or that “lots of people say” whatever it is.

If, as people have said, it feels like we’re giving you the third degree, it’s not that we don’t believe you but that we are digging through the speculation for the core. As the old reporters’ credo goes “I love my mother but I’m still going to check out her story.”

Although when people are willing to attach their names to their statements it always makes for a better story- and sometimes determines whether there is a story at all- we will always protect your identity if it’s appropriate. And please- if the situation calls for it come to us with documentation-o-plenty for your claim. If someone else is the real “source” of the story, please contact them first and ask them if they’d be willing to talk to us.

Finally we don’t take advertising and don’t ask for money from our readers. However our old 2001 Pentium II 256 processor and minuscule hard drive is driving us crazy and just opening large PDFs will slow it to a crawl or lock it down. If you are looking for a place to donate that old 1 or 2-gig processor PC look no further.

Finally a word about what we do. Many say that our coverage is biased or lacks the “objectivity” of the mainstream press. They are right and we are proud of it.

The so called objectivity of the corporate press is anything but. It’s a modern contrivance that assumes that people are not just entitled to their own opinions but their own facts.

And it is an outright lie. There is no one alive who has no biases and all that hiding one’s bias does is make it harder to find the real news being reported because the screen through which reporters and editors put the news is unknown to the reader.

We have our biases and, we hope, you will never be confused as to what they are. We also try hard to separate what we report as factual from our opinions or characterizations by making the latter blunt and obvious, without using weasel-words or “he said she said” reporting without context. We make the assumption that, if we put in the effort to separate reporting from opinion our readers are capable of the critical reading it takes to tell the difference between the two.

Again, thanks for all the support and know that, as we approach our fourth year of daily news, commentary and analysis in January, we will to continue to serve the Kaua`i community for the foreseeable future.

In service,



Unknown said...

Happy New Year!!! 2011 FBI & Dept of Justice Saves Kauai from Burning... The corruption of our elected and appointed officials has caused a fire that torments the Island of Kauai and it's citizens. It is when our prayers had reached God that He will us to speak out and Stop the Torture. Thank you Lord!

Unknown said...

Why do you say "we" all the time, when there's only one pathetic little being writing stories?
Why do you call it Parx News Network?
It should be called Parx-thetic Rumors. You shouldn't call it a network either, because no one bothers to read such pointless stuff.

sirmoreplease said...


Can you be any more obvious?

You are either part of one the established-yet-genetically challenged families that use this island as your personal garbage pile to breed more of your privileged for them, or are sleeping with one (or more) members.

"WE" are a network of truth-seeking residents. "You" had better realize the ocean is not as wide as it used to be....and the transplants that are moving here (face it) have family of their MUCH higher places with real power of government and real security clearance.

Your little world is changing, Dandy...

Thanks, Andy, for your service to our community. I hope we get to meet one day!