Wednesday, December 8, 2010


SAME TIME, SAME CHANNEL, SAME OLD STORY: Like ships that pass in the night or some such analogy- maybe ask (or more likely mercilessly badger) and ye shall receive- no sooner did we posted our six millionth kvetch (at 3:04) about the lack of live streaming council meetings, the county announced (at 4:33:25 p.m.) that today’s meeting would indeed be streaming live on line.

And so it came to pass, promptly at 9 a.m. this morning we went to the spanking new Kaua`i County Webcast Meetings page and found an In Progress and a View Event button.

With Pavlovian salvation we clicked on the first listed destination of a 20 year dream.

Up came the page.. downloading... downloading.... Done.

And no council meeting.

So we tried the second and were shocked-shocked to get the same response.

And sure enough when we looked for the “Properties” of each button we saw

Protocol: Unknown Protocol
type: Not available
address: javascript:void(0);

Curses- foiled again. It’s just another of those ‘is it malfeasance or is it malpractice” (it sure ain’t Memorex) moments only Kaua`i County can dish up with such panache... and regularity.

As our partner asked with a quizzical look while leaving for work as we mumbled streaming obscenities: “I’d have been shocked if it was there”

There’s a TV talk show where a guy comes out and plays video clips, asking the host “who’s the jackass here”. Invariably the host guesses the obvious only to be told it’s not as apparent as it seemed.

No, the jackass isn’t the county for once again screwing up the un-screw-up-able but apparently it’s us for actually thinking we’d actually see this week’s council meeting live.

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Eleanor said...

Now THAT's funny. Not that it was meant to be.