Friday, April 12, 2013


GETTIN' FRISKIES: Here kitty-kitty. Here kitty-kitty. Come and get it.

Come and get your new Obama Cat Food Tax.

Yes, let's call the so-called "chained CPI"- the most regressive of all possible taxes- exactly what it is... the tax that will provide the purrrfect meal for the poorest of the elderly poor.

Because if you're not eating cat food because it's all you can afford now Grandpa, you will be soon.

Under the proposed creative math in the President's new budget, those who live solely on Social Security- sometimes receiving as little as $710 a month to for pay rent, utilities, food and everything else- will now get even less cash every month... adjusted, as they say, for inflation.

That means that those who are infamously only able to afford canned cat food will now have to, well, presumably eat an even lower quality fare.

"No 'Fancy Feast' you," Grandma. "The Cat Food Nazi" says you can only have that tuna-fish blood-meat stuff that only kitty could love. Or perhaps down the line, as you slide further and further down the razor blade of life in the indigent lane, it'll be Meow Mix... if you're lucky.

If not maybe you'll wind up eating those Purina Cat Chow crackers, especially after your Medicare premiums go up... assuming you can find a doctor that will treat "Tender Vittles Syndrome"... if, that is, you can find a doctor who'll take you when Medicare starts paying physicians a buck-and-a-half a visit.

So thanks Mr. President. Every time we hear the can opener we'll be thinking of you.

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LaynaLovesEric said...

I hate to say I told you so.. but I told you so.