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MALAMA ANGINA: Sometimes things stick in your craw. And sometime it helps to know where exactly your craw is.

For those who haven't heard the story, earlier this week Ch. 2, KHON-TV News (the one with Joe Moore) led their 6 p.m. newscast with a story by Ron Mizutani apparently hand fed to him by Hawai`i State Senator Malama Solomon who, along with Senator Donovan Dela Cruz, is the chief super-villain of the PLCD fiasco.

In the piece, Solomon can be seen whining and sniveling about some cockamamie email she had gotten from someone on the Big Island- presumably one of her constituents- which, shall we say, had some colorful language including exactly one "F" word and one "GD"

So Solomon did what any senator would do- she called the cops. According to the story,

Honolulu Police have opened an investigation and a veteran lawmaker is considering filing for a temporary restraining order...

"I'm pretty tough skinned because I've been in politics for many many years as well you know, but this is the first email that I ever received where I felt that someone has really threatened or insinuating bodily harm," said Sen. Solomon (D) Waimea, Hamakua, Hilo.

So what was the content of the email? References to Guns? Knives? Physical assault?

Although Mizutani quoted small segment of it we've obtained a copy of the full email, addressed not specifically to Solomon but to to all state senators although it does reference her and Dela Cruz in the subject line.

Here it is (all SIC) with the writer's name redacted:;;
Date: Sunday, March 31, 2013 5:31 AM
To: All Senators
Subject: Senators [for *this* term] Cruz & Solomon

I live on the Big Island but, like many others, know what's going on with...(I suppose "dirty" is too objectionable) *some* legislators---such as Cruz and Solomon.

You know...regarding the citizens of Hawaii having spoken: Repeal the goddamed PLDC!

Maybe somebody should politely remind those two ass clowns: "you live on a fucking *island!*

Just saying.

Times are hard. People are fed up and ready for action---more than you might expect.

Doing the right thing will, in the long run, prevent a bunch of trouble.

I am a peaceful man but will do everything possible legal thing to see to it that these two individuals regret not doing the people's will.


Xxxxx X. Xxxxxxx

It hard to see exactly what the physical threat was especially after saying he would "do everything possible legal thing (sic)" (emphasis added) which does not of course include violence.

But Solomon didn't seem like she really read the email.. or if she did was being purposely obtuse.

"I did call the police chief on the island of Hawaii to find out who this individual was. I felt that the email was threatening," Sen. Solomon said. "I'm seriously thinking of going for a TRO at this moment."

So now she's got cops on two islands wasting their time on her fantasies.

And apparently crybaby makes three. As Mizutani says:

Sen. Solomon says Senate leadership will decide if the Attorney General needs to get involved.

No only that but she's thinking of clogging up the courts with her paranoia.

Could it be all the attacks on her integrity and legislative actions have gotten to her and she's simply gone off the deep end? Could it be the new "Malama Solomon Must Go" Facebook page was one jab too many?

Hard to say but apparently disingenuity loves company and everyone wanted to get into the southern (maybe South Hilo) belle's "oh my I'm about to have the vapors" act.

"It's just sad and unfortunate. It was addressed to all senators and some of the cursing in there clearly cross the line of just a manner in which you try to advocate for a position," said Sen. Ron Kouchi (D), Kauai, Niihau.

Yes the backroom facilitator of some of the egregious PLDC shenanigans this session according to senate sources, Ron "Butterball" Kouchi has crocodile tears, apparently cause by all of Malama's gorilla dust getting in his eyes.

Oh- and get worse it does Mrs Calabash. This from Solomon's partner in PLDC crimes and misdemeanors, Dela Cruz.

"We don't want to intimidate others from participating. I think everyone has a valid point of view but we have to be earnest in wanting to contribute," said Sen. Dela Cruz (D) Mililani, North Shore.

And, stop the music- stop the music. Senator Clayton "can always be counted on to do something nutty" Hee just couldn't resist throwing in his less than two cents worth of brain tissue on the matter.

"There's a civil way to communicate and I think it's very cowardly," said Sen. Clayton Hee (D) Kaneohe, Hauula, Kahuku.

Yeah, making up threats and getting them publicized on TV as "news" is the courageous way to go about things Clayton.

So is there any way to make the point to these bozos? Well someone we know suggested a wake up email- make that many emails- might be in order.

What if all of us- everyone reading these words- copied and pasted the anonymous Big Island emailer's email and sent it to all the senators (at

It's time to make like Tony Curtis and scream "I AM SPARTICUS."

It just might make Kouchi, Dela Cruz and Hee think twice before getting all puffy-chested defending someone who is known for bursting into offices and cussing out and threatening her house and senate colleagues her own self.

Both Solomon and Dela Cruz don't come up for reelection until 2016 and Hawai`i has no provisions for recall. Nice, eh?

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