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Well, well, well, apparently it's time to go out there and NOT vote for a bunch of crooks, know-it-alls and folks who care passionately about their showing in the next election.

The folks who have devoted themselves to making their neighborhood and the world around them a better place are no longer in office. And most aren't even running.

As to the ones who used to be there, when I ask about their plans each election cycle, they either give me one of those "hush uppa yo' face 'fore I hush it up fo' you" looks or have, against all odds, taken up the non-elective fight 27/7 after learning what I learned decades ago- elective office is no place for politics.

Or, in at least a couple of cases, because doing it killed them.

So let's start at the bottom since that's really the top when it comes to the really important day-to-day officeholders- the local ones.

There's really no one among the 14 running for KAUA`I COUNTY COUNCIL to vote "FOR." But those offices will be filled no matter what we do so at this point it's a matter of harm reduction.

The ones with the biggest potential for reducing harm are:

1) MASON K CHOCK- Mason is the only incumbent worth returning to office and should really be separated from others on this list. He's a reliable progressive vote and somehow manages to deal with the other council knuckleheads.

2) ADAM PROVERSI- Adam comes highly recommended as an environmental attorney (now with the county attorney's office) and a former organic farmer. On paper he's hard to beat. Don't include him in the "harm reduction" crew. He sounds a whole lot better than that. I've never met him but you couldn't ask for better credentials.

3) FELICIA COWDEN- Felicia hosts a public affairs radio program on community radio and ran for council in 2016. She'd be a hell of a lot better than any of the others and thinks and acts progressively. I am enthusiastic about the potential for seeing her round out a council majority along with

4) LUKE EVESLIN-- HAHAHA- PSYCH- FAKED YOU OUT. Yeah, after much consternation I'm gonna say "yes, you too Luke." And it isn't even that I've known him since he was in swaddling clothes and his dad for lo these 40 years. His failure to oppose the POISON FARMS in Waimea is still a big matzoh ball out there between us and I will do my best to figure out why Luke would support GM food since he's so pragmatic- or at least studied- in so many other areas. Perhaps I just need to show him the real dangers of eating genetically modified foods, "back-of-the-envelope" style. Other than that I'll vote for Luke enthusiastically and I promise I will do my best to change his mind on GMOs by the next election (or die trying). Anyway, I could get used to hearing him in the background every Wednesday. At least maybe he'd drown out Idiot Boy.

The next category is The Truly Horrific (vote for the plague before these candidates)- aka the DO NOT VOTE FOR council list, aka the KAUA`I LEAST WANTED list.

1) I suppose it would have to start with SHAYLENE LEI MAILE ISERI, (formerly SHAYLENE ISEI-CARVALHO), the person who has done so much to disgrace her name that she has gone to great lengths to disguise it on the ballot. If you don't remember "all of the horrible things she's done" (off to see the wizard?) search her name in the search box (just Shaylene is enough) on my "got windmills blog" . While I can't exactly accuse her of killing Tim Bynum because that would be libelous, I sure can think it.

2) ROSS KAGAWA, Mel Rapozo's Mini-me comes next but is really the worst. Ross is known by many simply as "Idiot Boy" because, among other things, it can be physically painful to listen to him think. He's famous of late for trying to explain why he (and others on the council) turned down a $100,000 grant to study what more we can do locally to fight climate change. The video is floating around Facebook. I can't even list all the stupid stuff he says and does.

3) ARTHUR BRUN is actually a Vice President of one of the west side chemical companies and was the one overseeing the place the day a national inspector just happened to be there on another matter when they caught them not using standard procedures to keep workers a safe time and distance from a super-poison being sprayed (yeah- I'm sooo sure it was only that one day). Workers had to go to the hospital. The company was originally fined millions.

4) ARRYL KANESHIRO is a chip off the old Grove Farm block and seems to be working for them in his council decision making.

5) KIPUKAI KUALII- There's a reason why his name doesn't seem to appear on any "who to vote for" lists. This article ( ) would be a wonderful place to start reading about both Kipukai and Shaylene. Don't forget to follow the links to read more about "Rice-Cooker-Gate"... If you're new enough here to have never heard about it there's no time like the present for education.

Oh- and there's that pesky Mayoral Race where Mel Rapozo is running against Derek Kawakami.

And one of them will be mayor in December (hand me my vomit bucket emoji- there must be one).

Rather than endorse/not endorse I am recommending people read the first three chapters of a book called "KPD Blue" by former Honolulu Star-Bulletin Kaua`i Bureau Chief Anthony "Tony" Sommer to find out more about former KPD Sgt. Mel Rapozo who was the only cop in uniform and on duty and in the fondling room at the station house the night the "Lap Dancer" made her infamous"personal appearance." (The juicy part is in the first three chapters).

You can order it from Amazon. Or let me know and I'll get you in touch with Tony and you can buy it directly from him (he makes more pennies that way). Or if you're cheap or in a hurry (even though Amazon delivers, like, yesterday) you can find Chapter by Chapter links to the book at the top of the "left rail" at my blog (which covers my decades of journalism, covering politics and government on Kaua`i. got windmills? is at Or try the library for "KPD Blue."

Voting starts Oct. 23 at the Kaua`i County Building Annex and you DO NOT- let me repeat DO NOT- need to be registered. The legislature passed a law this past May saying that you can register when you vote (no matter what you hear from anyone including the elections website itself). Election day is November 6.

Sometimes I feel like my life has been a political failure local, state and national wise. So if you are on the mainland and there's any chance people where you are might be electing a (play spooky "screech, screech, screech" music) Republican, as a LIFE LONG GREEN and former GREEN NATIONAL COMMITTEE DELEGATE, I'm asking you (and/or giving you permission) to PLEASE VOTE FOR THE DEMOCRAT- even one of those sucky ones. I've never asked people to do that before. It's that bad.

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