Tuesday, May 20, 2008


A DIFFERENT BREED?: Though we weren’t invited, from all reports the Republican Convention this weekend was a clash between the true wing-nuts and the Lingle-Wingles and the blogs have exploded with details.

But the irony may be that the “we’re not Republican enough” crowd that is accusing the Cunning Linguists and McCainiacs of being too much like Democrats-Lite have accomplished turning their confab into an affair steeped in the kind of backbiting, infighting and generalize disunity that usually reserved for meetings of the Democrats.

Poinograhper Doug White does a pretty good wrap up with some good links but for some real red meat you need to check out the lengthy post from Republican State Senator Sam Sloam’s main squeeze, “Hawai`i Reporter” Malia Zimmerman.

Zimmy’s a pretty good reporter and doesn’t hide her biases. And though many of them are personally repugnant to this pug-nose she makes it easy to find the facts all the better to judge her presentations in light of full disclosure of her views.... as opposed to many who present news but lie to us using the preposterous “I’m totally objective” laugh line.

At her web site she posts some tomes from both sides with depictions of the depravity of the obviously staged and scripted process where dissidents- mostly .Ron Paul supporters and Akaka bill opponents- and defenses and justifications by the Party establishment http://www.hawaiireporter.com/story.aspx?8be0d031-187e-47e6-b964-cc204f8e5fcc for the iron-fisted way the convention was run- into the ground

But she fails to do what Doug did- give us a link to the spot at Republican blog Mel’s (Ah Ching) Internet Universe where a purloined copy of the actual script is posted along with chief dissident Eric Ryan’s description of events.

The script is tight- every action, word and of course outcome of votes is included, although in an attempt at humor it is noted that the pledge of Allegiance might not go according to script because Sam “shoot-from-the-hip” Sloam was the introducer.

Every actual vote was fully scripted as to outcome including the ones for national committee members and the convention delegates described by having the speaker at the podium say “Raise your right hand for yes. put them down. Raise your left hand for no. Put them down. The ayes have it and the motion is passed. “

The only sort-of vote that wasn’t fully scripted with a forgone conclusion was a call for the question that needed a 2/3 majority. Although the script mentions the possibility of not getting the 2/3 needed to cut off debate it continues as if the no-discussion vote had been “yea”.

Malia’s lengthy piece is priceless- she sure lets her long hair down and let’s it all hang out in a piece headlined “Not A Happy Party”.

Here’s her lead:

“This weekend’s state convention was possibly the lowest point of the Hawaii
Republican Party. I have attended many conventions in the past but this was the
first time I have ever witnessed such large scales of impropriety and
malfeasance on the part of the party leadership. While the party leaders
continued to espouse “unity” throughout the convention weekend, there was none
to be found.

“It was also the first time I have seen delegates
weep in regards to the conduct of the party leadership. Many of these delegates
were there to have a wonderful time and enjoy the convention process. The
guerilla tactics used by the McCain campaign and the GOP leadership represent
reprehensible behavior. “

She goes into detail on the scripted votes and other tactics that tortured poor Roberts Rules, questioning the ethics of party leaders and saying “(t)he outcome of this convention clearly demonstrates that a change in party leadership must take place at the next convention in 2009”.

She also announces her new Co-Chair position on the “Reform Republican Victory Caucus (RRVC) that has been recently established”

She goes on at length with some interviews with long time and new Republicans who were "appalled”- one couple being 41 year veterans of these events- and bemoans the dearth of Republican legislative candidates this year, even denigrating Lingle heir-apparent Lt. Governor Duke Aiona and his presumed run in 2010.

But buried deep in the story is a story that has perplexed Hawai`i bloggers and even mainstream press for a while now- the identity of the ZeroShibai cartoonist. According to Zimmerman, who has run the cartoons, despite his past denials dissident-in-chief Ryan is the penman- or at least one of them.

As political junkies may already know ZeroShibai appeared on the radar screen a while back with it’s “Cow Inoa” cartoon which lampooned- or a least attempted to - the rights of those of Hawaiian descent. That was followed by a scathing condemnation from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs’ Haunani Apoliona- the very thing the author was apparently looking for- causing the whole matter to wind up on the pages of the Honolulu newspapers.

Although Zimmerman leaves a little wiggle room by saying Ryan only “contributed to http://www.zeroshibai.com,/ where various artists take shots at elected Republicans and party leaders” all the cartoons seem exceptionally similar in artistic style and humor... and Ryan is a graphic artist.

Zimmerman did not name any other possible artists but one must wonder if this “outing” of Ryan was with his knowledge since it is essentially calling him a liar for his earlier public denial of involvement.

Zimmerman is perhaps best known for protecting sources as a reporter working with ABC-TV’s 20/20 in their account of the misdeeds of Jimmy Pflueger which allegedly caused the Ka Loko dam break on Kaua`i “murdering” 7 people, as has been accused.

She has more recently been credited with spurring the successful efforts this year to enact a Reporters’ Shield Law which also covers bloggers who engage in reporting.

Did Malia burn a source to whom she had previously granted anonymity? We’ll have to await a response from Ryan.

But for now it’s exceptionally gratifying to know that with the newly reinvigorated transplantation of mainlanders came a crew seemingly dedicated to the destruction of the Republican party, who are now seemingly joining the Democrats in reflecting the famous Will Rogers statements- “I’m not a member of any organized Party- I’m a Democrat.”

What more could a Green growler ask for- the Circular Firing Squad is apparently bipartisan now.


Anonymous said...

you could ask for a Pres. nominee not named Mckinney????

Katy Rose said...

I wonder how many misguided "progressives" showed up to support Ron Paul?

It amazes me that this latter-day Pat Buchanan fascist midget has pulled the wool over the eyes of certain anti-war folk.

So, he says he's against the Iraq war - great. But he's also against reproductive freedom, Mexican campesinos and the minimum wage.

What a relief to know he hasn't got a snowball's chance in hell of getting elected.

Andy Parx said...

There are actually four candidates for the GP nomination at the Convention in Chicago this July

I really like Jesse Johnson, an anit-coal activist from W. Viginia.

Jesse Johnson – http://www.jesse08.org/
Cynthia McKinney – http://www.runcynthiarun.org/
Kent Mesplay – http://www.mesplay.org/
Kat Swift – http://www.voteswift.org/

Eric Ryan said...

Eric Ryan was born and raised in Hawaii -- NOT a mainland transplant.

Andy Parx said...

I didn’t say you were Eric. but it’s good to know that everything else in the story is accurate.

Eric Ryan said...

What a snarky response. I'm afraid that's just the beginning of the need for corrections in this article.