Thursday, May 1, 2008


SICK PUPPIES: It seems to be “any port in a storm” time for the criminals at the Hawai`i Superferry (HSf) and those who seem to want to have sex with it, or at least have it come to Kaua`i.

As Our Little Joanie said this morning the apparently muddle-brained HSf supporters are now engaged in an attempt to shove not just the boat but Love’s White Bread and cigarettes down the throat of Kaua`i.

An article by Kaua`i Honolulu Star- Bulletin correspondent Tom Finnegan yesterday headlined “Firms want Kauai ferry service” reflected another absurd attempt to preach Armageddon if we don’t let them in, this time to deliver overpriced name-brand baked good via the vomit-comet in the wake of temporarily-interrupted, now restored, air cargo service.

But the comments section at Finnegan’s piece tells a woeful tale and is dominated by mostly settler consumerists who worship at the church of Costco and continue thinking that the majority on Kaua`i who find the Superferry problematic should let them act like two-year-olds who are so spoiled they throw a tantrum because there’s only vanilla ice cream even when they’re full.

The revolting, blinding hatred of most of those 181 comments is reminiscent of white southerners or Nazi Germans if the words “Superferry protesters” were changed to the appropriate target their bigotry.

But the worst vile-bile was reserved for poor Jimmy Trujillo who had the nerve to say in the article “the vessel still is not wanted... Aloha Air cargo is certainly a valued service. Perhaps Aloha Airlines should have been the beneficiary of a special legislative session... The military cargo Strykerferry isn't the vehicle to carry depleted uranium and baked goods”.

If you read the comments in isolation you would think Jimmy said “we want to eat your babies, spit on your religious idols and use your flag as toilet paper”

But the most absurd facts in all this is that not one- not a single one- of those comments were from Kaua`i. Most were from O`ahu some from other neighbor islands but strangely about a quarter seemed to come from the mainland, complete with death threats and the most absurd kind of ill-informed drivel.

And don’t worry- there was plenty of abuse to go around for everyone on Kaua`i. At least half were gloating over what they somehow saw as the fact that we here were all going to starve if we didn’t get bear-claws and crullers from Honolulu via the military boondoggle.

Who are these people? How did their need to fill their obese American bellies with fat-burgers and greasy fries and their six-mile-a-gallon SUVs with dinosaur compost get to not only suck up all the figurative and literal oxygen but all the worlds resources with it- and with the most galling of all attitudes, thinking that it is their “right” to be such an asshole.

Where is this 11th amendment–the right to shop, consume and spew your waste anywhere you want fouling the land and water? Is it in the bible? Thou shalt not just covet thy neighbor’s stuff but out-consume him beyond any and all possible need? Where is it written that you are entitled to hoard and waste resources at a rate thousands of times more than anyone could possibly use... and not because you even want the product but because you are in love with the idea of having it available?

Where did you get the right to pee in your drink- and everyone else’s too?

There’s a difference between shopping at Wal-Mart because you need to shop "at these low-low prices” and are doing it because you have to in order to survive and shopping there- or not even shopping there but making sure there is one- because you enjoy the concept of mainland big-box stores.

How many of those 181 vermin have taken the Superferry? And how many of those, if there are any, would take it at the true cost rather than the current promo fee?

And who really needs it. Please check dictionary if you can’t tell your needs from your wants... or if you don’t need to check, grow up.

There are some, even on Kaua`i, who actually believe that it is just that “vocal minority” that has problems with the HSf. But other than a few who seem to wish they were somewhere else, not many here- other than the self-absorbed American mainland transplants and a few local people who worship the very polluted ground Americans walk on- who don’t see the whole ferry fiasco as a huge imposition on us at best and, in fact, a public nuisance.

Even Kaua`i businesses don’t think it’s anything they want to use, as we heard in a Honolulu Advertiser piece the day before yesterday. It said:

“Even if the Superferry were running to Kaua`i, it wouldn't be a viable alternative for Esaki's Produce, (general manager Earl) Kashiwagi said, because Esaki's delivery trucks aren't large enough to handle the amount of produce needed.

"Plus we'd have to have somebody onboard (Superferry) to drive the truck, a guy that's not going to get seasick," he added.

A month or so ago there was some news about some people who have been watching too many science fiction movies and thought that the new atomic super-collider experimental tunnel under construction in Europe could cause a “black hole” that would suck the earth into nothingness like the vacuum-cleaner-monster in the movie “Yellow Submarine”. How is that any different than what we are doing to ourselves except that it might speed up the process?


Anonymous said...

You start a post about "revolting, blinding hatred" and "vile-bile" in some comments to a newspaper story by saying Superferry supporters "want to have sex with it"? Hahahahahaha! You are too much!

anon123 said...

Just another in a long string of no-facts blather posts from Parx.

There is virtually no difference between the SF and the barges when it comes to delivering goods.

The issue has always been stinky poor people (sorta like Andy) coming over from Oahu and getting in the way. The red herrings such as invasive species (minimal control on the barges), traffic (less cars than when a mainland 757 lands), etc etc.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the SF has a significant military use or plan for such use. Talk about preaching Armageddon, best look to your own BS dear Andy.

Even more humorous to deride other people:

"and with the most galling of all attitudes, thinking that it is their “right” to be such an asshole."

don't worry Andy, you'll always be tops in that category.

Anonymous said...

HSf supporters, overpriced name-brand baked good, consumerists who worship at the church of Costco, vanilla ice cream, white southerners or Nazi Germans, obese American bellies with fat-burgers and greasy fries and their six-mile-a-gallon SUVs, Wal-Mart, 181 vermin?

I got whiplash. It was like slipping in a puddle of word vomit.

charley foster said...

I don't know about an "11th amendment right to shop, consume and spew," but I suppose a right to use the Superferry could arguably be provided in Hawaii's Constitution. Art. I, Sect. 2, Rights of Individuals, has been interpreted by the state supreme court to provide a fundamental right to travel ("freedom of movement and association"). So, as long as the boat is operating, people arguably have a state constitutional right to use it, even if to haul stuff to the island.