Saturday, March 15, 2008


DOG BREATH: Foodland has “green” egg all over it’s face a week before Easter and has had to remove an on-line piece signed if not penned by CEO Jenai S. Wall, Chairman & CEO of Foodland Super Market, Ltd declaring her and their concern about their “carbon footprint” .

Foodland is the anchor tenant in the “Monkey Pod” Koloa shopping center where they recently cut down lots of the monkey pod trees despite weeks of candlelight vigils by people in Koloa and a current boycott of Foodland.

Thanks to Juan Wilson and Island Breath we still have her words posted there. If you really want to read something funny read, among other gems “’(G)oing green’ has moved from recycling and a general desire to protect the environment to global warming and reducing our carbon footprint.” . She then goes on to sprinkle liberally the terms global warming and carbon footprint throughout the piece.

Clarification from yesterday: Our piece “On the Gravy Train” yesterday, were based on the accounts of Judy Lenthall’s own words, as reported. . Although the impression was that she appeared on behalf of the FoodBank before the Council, upon viewing the meeting it is clear that her appearance was to receive a Certificate of Appreciation of her work and it was not done during an official session of the County Council.


Anonymous said...

Boycott? Who could tell? The latest protest appeared to have just 3 lonesome folks (down from 8 the week before) with their forlorn looking signs. The parking lot was full so not too sure they are making any impact.

Thrown out of court, no one showing up for protests; sure looks like this issue is fading into the sunset.

Anonymous said...

Um, the supposedly removed piece seems to still be there on the Welcome to Foodland site. And, while we're at it, I'm not sure I follow how a promise to replace all removed trees with other trees constitutes any kind of violation of the mythical carbon footprint doctrine.

Andy Parx said...

“Um”, no it is not there, Annon 2- It's URL is/was
The essay is no longer at Foodland's site from page or apparently anywhere. If somehow you find it under a different URL please let us know.

And if you were hungry and had a plate of food and I took it away and put it back on your plate one milligram at a time over forty years I guess there's no difference. Same with CO2 and O2... But time is a coefficient science deniers commonly use.

And Annon 1, I'd say having Foodland taking down their essay we made fun of is a pretty good effect of the boycott already

Anonymous said...

Dude, it's right there.

It even comes up when I click on your link "to remove an on-line piece." WTF?

Anonymous said...

If a transplanted monkeypod was able to obtain a full sized canopy in say 5 years would you still be bleating about the impact?

You aren't seriously comparing shade/visual aspects of 10-12 trees for 2-3 years to running out of oxygen are you? If so, the "green" in your party is pakolo.

Anonymous said...

Yep ... I clicked on the link from THIS site and up came the story

Time for a fact checker .... although why let the truth get in the way of a perfectly good agenda

Andy Parx said...

Yup- the message is back wasn't yesterday or Sat. Shows they are paying attention.

I'm not going to argue with you "Doc" about the amount of O2 a tree produces at 10 years, 20 years, 30 years and 100 years- the bigger the tree the more there is. Monkey pods grow slowly. The point is you don't diminish you carbon footprint by cutting down full sized 100 year old trees and putting in keiki.

Anonymous said...

The Foodland post was up Saturday and Sunday. If it was down at all I doubt they put it back up because of you.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, anonymous #2 said the post was up at 12:27 am March 16. That's right after midnight Saturday. So it was up yesterday all day, I guess.

Anonymous said...

the link on island breath doesn't work. thats probably why andy is confused.

Anonymous said...

More fact free posting

"monkey pods are slow growing" is just flat wrong.


"Monkey-pod (Pithecellobium saman), samán in Spanish, is a fast-growing tree that has been introduced to many tropical countries throughout the world from its native habitats in Central America"

"Rate of growth depends on rainfall. In dry areas in Hawaii, diameter growth of open-grown trees is usually less than 13 mm (0.5 in) per year, and total height rarely exceeds 12 m (40 ft). In wet areas, diameter growth usually exceeds 2.5 cm (I in) per year. An annual growth rate of 25 to 35 m³/ha (350 to 500 ft³/acre) was reported, but a source was not cited (15)"

walk down by the stream. There is a monkeypod I'd guess is 5+ feet in diameter that is labelled 1925. Just 80 years old.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty clear what happened, Andy.

Island Breath shows on its site the correct URL to the Foodland message. And the address showing there is also hyperlinked - in other words, when you click on it, it takes you someplace else. HOWEVER, the someplace else it takes you to is not the place it says it is.

That is, the address as written on Juan's site says one thing, but the URL associated with the written address is incorrect and takes you to an error message.

You copied and pasted the address as it was written on Juan's site (the correct address) and so it worked for me and apparently others when they clicked on it on your blog.

Back at Juan's site, if you click on that address, it takes you to the error message. I assume it always has and, until someone fixes the link, it always will.

Anonymous said...

Keep trying Andy.

Intertubing is harder than it looks.

Andy Parx said...

This is the last time I'm going to address this,. Charley.

I both clicked and copied and pasted the URL at both Juan's and my web sites both days. They did not link to the message. Now they do. They didn’t work all weekend, they do today. We did not change out links. His worked earlier last week.

Actually I’m not sure but I think the page up at Foodland’s site now is not the same page as it was last week, if I recall properly.. other would have seen it I’m sure There were different pictures, color and format with text bigger and cut in half by a picture, not in a Greens box... I think.

I just haven’t had time to question, research and report on it yet because there are some trolls taking up all my time with stupid stuff.

Anonymous said...

That's okay. You don't have to address it again. But You are clearly totally mistaken.

Look at the end of the correct address. It says, ".php". Php is a scripting language that you can imbed into HTML. It is the correct address to the Foodland message and it is the address you have on your blog and it has worked ever since you ever first posted it. It worked for me Saturday from your blog, and it worked for me Sunday on your blog.

Now look at the end of the incorrect address on Juan's site. It says, "php%2". That makes no sense at all. It is gibberish and would never lead to a web site. Clearly, whoever made the link on Juan's blog hit these two errant key strokes. This link has clearly never worked ever. It won't work ever until someone fixes it.

When the address on Juan's site no longer says "%2" after ".php", then it will work. It cannot work until then, and it has not worked ever yet because whoever entered the link botched it.

The link on your site has worked ever since you made it because you linked to the correct address. You never incorporated Juan's errent ".php%2". You're link to the Foodland message was always the correct "php" address. That is why when all of us who clicked on it on your site did so, it worked every time - on Saturday and on Sunday.

Maybe someone who knows more about the php scripting language can tell me if I'm wrong - I'm not really a big expert at it - but I don't think Juan's address could be a correct URL.

In short, Andy, you were mistaken and the Foodland message was never removed. Rather, Juan's link to the message never worked in the first place. Your link to the message has worked ever since you posted it. I can tell you from personal experience that it worked both Saturday and Sunday. As I said, I wondered what you were on about.

It doesn't help your explanation any that Juan's link STILL does not work. How do you explain that?