Wednesday, March 12, 2008


SNIFFIN’ OUT THE STORY: Glad someone on O`ahu can see through all the “this was an accident” media hype regarding the Ka Loko dam break.

Kauaians were screaming about Jimmy Pflueger years before he murdered those seven people- and yes he murdered them despite the fact that Mimsy Buret withdrew the publicly stated charge after he sued her.

In fact this WAS about Jimmy-the-shark’s penchant for boating though no accident. According to a former Kaua`i resident and FOP- friend of Pflueger- he specifically and purposefully filled in the spillways of the reservoirs on his property so he could go water skiing on his “lakes”.

He was apparently such a dim bulb he didn’t realize they were agricultural reservoirs.

Anyone paying attention knows what happened- he leveled hills and acres of land illegally and was minimally fined for it before 40 days of rain washed the dug-up dirt into the reservoir causing the breach. Meanwhile the Kaua`i Dept of Public Works, under Mayor Kusaka’s direction, stood by and refused to act despite the violation at Ka Loko and the previous grubbing and grading scandal on Pflueger’s property in nearby Pila`a which led to the inundation of the Marvin’s beach property there. .

The problem was never lack of regular dam inspections- it was and is the revolving door connecting large land owners and developers with state and county inspectors and directors who look the other way and feign incompetence in order to avoid charges of malfeasance.

Thanks Larry- Disappeared News indeed

UPDATE: Hawai`i Reporter has an update along the lines of Doug and my comments by the ABC network producer/reporter who did the 20/20 story

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