Sunday, March 9, 2008


PINK PALLETTE POLS: Hawai`i MSM news providers and some of my favorite bloggers are all atwitter with the shocking-shocking news that the ordered investigation and audit that was going to make all the Legislature’s SuperFerry SuperSession’s (Act 2) machinations during Act I, all-hunky-dory.

Apparently it isn’t going as planned because no one in the Administration will talk or give up their documents to the investigators.

And juxtaposed with that are a plethora of whiney columns and commentaries bemoaning and condemning the fact that the legislators don’t trust Lingle to not appoint Barry Fukunaga to replace the Supreme Court Chief Justice when he’s forced to retire- growing halos while saying they can’t understand why the Dems feign an age discrimination issue.

Gee, why would they not trust Lingle to do anything but play crony politics... let’s see....

Nah- while it’s easy to see why the Repubs use the tired old tactic of attacking the tired-old-boys-Dems, seemingly the only difference between the two is that the Repubs don’t to have enough old boys to make it anything but routine with the Marx Brothers playing musical chairs, the music never stops. and-there’s too many seats. They’re vainly trying to find anyone who would be loyal to the rest of them... until one gets caught procuring Filipinas for government contractors/campaign contributors... causing even more empty chairs....

Apparently too many of the GOP have deserted the sinking ship for a leaky overcrowded rowboat of elephants stepping on each others to get to the front..

But why do they bother?- the latest trend in old boy networks is apparently bipartisan. Just like the Democrats in the U.S. Congress now complain they were duped by the obvious prevarications that tricked them into authorizing the war, the predominant party in the Hawai`i Legislature seems genuinely surprised that Lingle is not cooperating with (shudder) Marion Higa after they exempted her and the Superferry from every law but, apparently gravity.

The question is do we elect these Democrats because they are self-proclaimed idiots or in spite of it? Do we do it just for the bizarre show they put on in saying they didn’t know that they were being lied to?

So who are the corporate-controlled dolts? Is it the elected officials who claim they were fooled because they took another politician at their word? Or is it those of us who knew they were all a bunch of self-serving bullshit artists who only ACT 2dumb2live, but vote for them time after time after time?

I wanna talk to any of the legislators who voted for Act 2 and is surprised- a lot of people have a lot of questions for you... maybe that’ll be Act 3.

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