Friday, April 4, 2008


HONEY WHERE YOU BEEN SO LONG: For those who long for the good old days when current events caused the Kaua`i community to rise up and shed the PukerFerry, events both reported and suppressed are again making people sit up and go “what the @##$%&”?.

Many are willing to bet Aloha Air tickets to Euros that the current drought is about to end and stormy spring weather will bless us again now that the big bad boondoggle is again taking its broken Bondo-ed hull to water and that Pele, et. al. will take charge once again churning up any seas it dares traverse

And some of the mush-brained O`ahu-ites are now re-disengaged in thinking (a charitable use of the word) there is somehow a way they will save money on interisland travel now that Aloha has ripped off their last customer.

And with yesterday’s appeal filing by 1000 Friends’ attorneys Dan Hempey’s and Greg Myers’, pointing out that on Kaua`i too Act 2 has an Act 3 that will send it all back to Act 1- the illegal and irreparable harm to the environmental consequences of the ferry- Kauai joins Maui’s appeal of the last ruling allowing the HSf to kill whales and turtles.

The Maui Sierra Club et. al case is now before the Hawai`i Intermediate and Supreme Court. and Kaua`i has now become party to it by pointing out the rookie mistakes and absurdities in new 5th Circuit Court Judge Valenciano’s denial of an injunction so that we might actually get a ruling for the whole state once the courts buy some guts to do their job and reign in an out-of –control legislature that believes they can stop environmental harm by the stroke of a pen.

And most are still in the dark- and no mainstream news outlet has mentioned- the news that Joan Conrow has reported regarding the latest from the military boondoggling Astral Corporation, the builder of the Superferry. It’s been revealed that a lawsuit describing pervasive, systemic and long term race discrimination against workers at the Alabama based company (who would have suspected- especially given Alabama’s labor laws which just about make unions illegal) has been filed. Although Alabama newspapers had to report upon it, it has curiously (not) been absent from the Hawai`i HSf cheerleader section- aka, the Honolulu papers and TV news stations.

Joan’s investigative reporting in Honolulu Weekly and her own blog on the real function of the HSf- that of a demonstration project for former Reagan Navy Secretary John Lehman’s who plans to rip-off the taxpayers to the tune of billions by supplying the armed forces with a new highly suspect unproven unneeded mode of aqueous attack- has still not been reported in the corporate media even though the story is a month old.

The new news is similarly ignored. How long will it take to see the Alabama news make the cut in Hawai`i? No one’s holding their breath- except for those who have to clean up after the barf-o-metered and battered boat of ill-repute plies it way next Monday, hopefully toward a real military use when RIMPAC requires targets for their next war games.


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